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sa-ga'cious (są-gį-shūs), (of animals) keen-scented; hence discerning sensible; keen-witted; shrewdly intelligent - otherwise known as AIREDALE

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Ch. Joykl Spic N' Span x Misty Moore's Screaming Demon


Show Career

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Sagacious B' NFL Crunchtime, Howie, (Howie Long) 1999 Montgomery County - Ch. Terrydale Int'l Affair x Ch. Terrydale Victor Victoria
There was a dog behind Howie in line that wanted to spar, and this linebacker didn't back down!  Howie is Liza's brother and he is the dog I am currently using to practice my showing techniques. 

The show careers of Sagacious Airedales has been in the competent hands of Ms. Elizabeth A. Tobin, CPH, PHA for over 12 years.  

Liz and Liza 1999
Liz and Julie 1996

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Liz has also had in her care, Ch. Briggsdale Papalote, C.D. Angie, always a lady, Ch. Sagacious A' Mick Dundee, Dundee, the lover, and she even got to care for, when he was being boarded my infamous "MacDuff," who was probably close to the last of the offspring of Ch. Joykl Spic N' Span.

Liz and Angie 1988

Liz and Dundee 1994


Also, a big thank you to Chris Halvorson at for the wonderful candid shots of Liza and Howie at various Airedale specialty shows.  She did a marvelous job of redoing the backgrounds of Liza's pictures.  


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