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sa-ga'cious (są-gį-shūs), (of animals) keen-scented; hence discerning sensible; keen-witted; shrewdly intelligent - otherwise known as AIREDALE

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"Natural Rearing"

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Juliette de Baļracli Levy, an English veterinarian, is the Grande Dame of  "Natural Rearing."  She started feeding raw foods and rearing her Afghan Hounds naturally and treating diseases with herbs starting around 1930.  Her book The Complete Herbal Handbook For The Dog And Cat has been used by dog owners and breeders for many years.  

There are other raw (and home cooked) diets available for dog and cat owners to follow.  Which is ideal, because there is no one way that is best for your companion.  You may feed a diet which could be a combination of all of these.  You could feed a little of Levy, some of Kymythy Schultze's, The Ultimate Diet, some feeding according to Dr. Ian Billinghurst's, Give Your Dog A Bone or Grow Your Pups With Bones, or you may even have to feed a little bit of cooked food from Dr. Richard Pitcairn's, Natural Health For Dogs And Cats.

There are a number of veterinarians now practicing alternative and more healthful forms of medicine.  They have found the allopathic way of treating our companion animals lacking.  They are treating the whole animal rather than just trying to take care of a complaint or symptom.  There is no one better than a veterinarian who is also a good homeopath.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't have an allopathic veterinarian as part of your dog's health team.  Your dog may end up with a broken bone.  

Why feed raw?  Why not, it's a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet, or Bones And Raw Food, (BARF).  Canines were meant to eat raw meat.  If they were in the wild and they caught a rabbit to eat, they would not build a fire and cook it.  People don't eat the same cooked people chow out of a bag for every meal.  Dogs fed BARF are healthier, don't have the bone and joint problems, have clean teeth from eating their raw meaty bones, which means they have puppy breath their entire lives, they are happier, much more energetic, and are nothing but muscle and stamina.  Of course, the free running and playing also gives them more muscle and stamina.  There is nothing like looking out to see a passel of Airedales running laps and play fighting.  

Why are dogs that have had only a very limited amount or no vaccinations healthier than those who have had their annual bundled vaccinations?  Why is it Purdue University who is conducting a five year study able to say in only three years they have found that dogs who have had only one or two or no vaccinations are in much better health than the dog that has had it's usual annual vaccinations.  Ms. Levy knew that 70 years ago.  And, there is nothing in the science that indicates that dogs need their annual bundled vaccinations.  You don't, so why should your dog.  Maybe this study will have the effect of having safer vaccines produced for those who wish to do single antigens.  

Sagacious Airedales are fed a BARF diet, puppies are weaned to a BARF diet.  The only vaccination Sagacious Airedales now receive is rabies.  Puppies placed with their new owners are requested to keep up the BARF diet and the no vaccination regime or limited vaccinations.  New owners usually continue the diet and the no vaccination regime as most of them have had Airedales before that have died from cancer, kidney disease, autoimmune disease, or something else just as horrible.  They are getting a brand new Sagacious Airedale puppy, who besides being bred to conform to the breed standard, it was also bred for health and strength, plus temperament and brains, and these new owners want to keep that puppy in good health for as long as it lives.  To give you some idea as to how the diet is fed and how homeopathic nosodes are used I have included two separate pages.  Bones and Raw Food Diet and Homeopathic Nosodes.

The scientific research and anecdotal information has shown me that it's easier to tweak a BARF diet for some diet deficiencies than to have to cope with dogs who have chronic and/or deadly diseases.  I've had to cope with the deadly diseases and it's heartbreaking to watch these magnificent dogs die because of it.  I also blame myself, because I fed commercial dog foods and had my dogs into the veterinarian for their annual vaccinations.  Now, it's wonderful looking into the bright, sparkling, and  mischievous eyes of my dogs, with big smiles when their pan of raw chicken wings or veggie mush meal is placed in front of them.  

Feeding the BARF diet does require some extra time and effort.   However, I figure I'm spending my time packaging raw meaty bones and mushing veggies instead of waiting in the veterinarian's office.  Would I ever go back and raise my Airedales as I have been programmed to believe that commercial food and vaccinations are the only way.  No, my Airedales deserve the best from me, as they always give me their best.  I also think the people that purchase my puppies also deserve to get a puppy naturally reared.  

Jacqueline Noel



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