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Contact Information

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If you are interested in canine carting, you are welcome to join our group. Here's is some basic contact information to get you started.

Club e-mail account:

CCCC Draft Instructor: Chip Burnette
(254) 699-3283, or

Contact Chip for information on club practice sessions, draft training classes, draft tests, and workshops in this area. Chip is also the contact for having the Capital Canine Carting Club appear in your parade or at your event. We enjoy showing what our dogs can do, so long as the weather is not too hot for them to perform safely.

CCCC Austin area contacts: Jay and Laurie Brandt
(512) 926-9770,

Jay is the webmaster for this website. Jay and Laurie are not actively carting at this time (one dog is getting too old, the other is a brand new puppy), but they have a fair amount of experience and love to talk to people about carting.

Revised 10/24/2000