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What do you mean by
"draft work" or "carting"?

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Several types of dogs have been specifically bred to assist people with their daily work, by pulling carts, wagons, sleds or travois. Many other breeds can be trained to do this kind of work.

In many countries, even today, draft dogs are referred to as "the poor man's horse". They haul milk and produce from farms to market, make deliveries in towns, or provide basic transportation by pulling dog sleds or small surreys. Pound for pound, the larger breeds of draft dogs are stronger than a draft horse. Although the dogs in our club demos usually perform with empty carts or light loads, a single, fully trained draft dog in the larger breeds can pull loads as great as 2000 pounds for short distances, and well over 1000 pounds on a daily basis. And watch for those wagging tails! When properly trained and handled, a draft dog loves their work.

In addition to performing in demonstrations and parades, many American draft dogs assist their handlers in their daily life. Some are certified assistance dogs, helping the handler every day to move and work freely, when the handler's legs or back fail them. Some help regularly in "bringing home the groceries", maneuvering their carts precisely through pet stores like PetSmart and Petco, which allow and encourage pets to come in with their owners. Some assist in hauling their crates, food, and other show supplies from the parking lot to the grooming area at dog shows, where they compete in conformation, agility or obediance. Some work search and rescue, hauling supplies into areas that nothing else can reach. And many of them love giving rides to the neighborhood children.

Revised 03/15/1999