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Carting links and mailing lists

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Club E-List :

Subscribe to CartingAustinTx, to get e-mail notices of upcoming classes, workshops, parades and other activities. You can also use the above link to post messages to the e-list, which will send a message to everyone else on this list, or to change your subscription status (unsubscribe, switch to digest format, etc.).

Carting-L Mailing List:

Subscribe to Carting-L. Carting-L is a discussion group for carting and potential carting enthusiasts to exchange ideas and get answers to questions they might have in the art of carting with their dogs. Discussions about health, socialization, and training in relation to carting abilities are appreciated, as it is information that can be used educate those of us on the list and the general public on the dogs and this delightful and healthy sport.

Revised 11/21/1999