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What breeds of dogs do draft work?
Are there recognized titles?

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The national breed clubs for Bernese Mountain Dogs, Collies, Newfoundlands, and several other breeds hold draft tests for nationally recognized titles. The American Kennel Club is currently considering a formal series of draft tests and titles for all purebred dogs.

As a sport, canine draft work can be participated in by dogs of either gender and almost any breed, including rescue dogs and mixed breeds. The primary requirements are that the dog needs to be sound of body and in good health, it needs to perform well in basic obedience work, and the size of the draft equipment and the weight to be pulled must be in proportion to the size and strength of the dog. Most medium to large sized dogs can haul practical loads. However, as an excercise in dog - handler teamwork, breeds as small as Papillions have been trained to do draft work, using a modified toy dump truck for a cart.

Revised 03/15/1999