Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - Ranger schools School history

First school in Eastland County & old RHS 1855 - First school built in Eastland County near Colony Creek. 1881 - Private school opened in Ranger by Mrs. Vincen Heller. 1882 - Public Free School opened in Ranger. 1883 - Thirty-eight schools established in Eastland County. 1885 - Ranger incorporated for school purposes. 1889 - Two-story frame building served the community. 1905 - First brick Ranger High School built. 1917 - Central Ward School served as grade school. 1919 - Construction started on Cooper School, Young School, & Tiffin School. 1921 - St. Rita's Parochial School opened. 1922 - RHS Rampager football team 1922 - Ranger High School construction began near downtown. 1923 - Bullock School built north of Ranger. 1924 - Ranger High School Band organized. 1926 - Hodges Oak Park Ward School built. 1926 - Slaughter Ward Grammar School opened for African- American students. 1926 - Ranger Junior College opened. 1934 - Tiffin school torn down & bricks used for Rec. Building. 1935 - Lighted football field built. 1942 - 12th grade added to high school. Nine independent school districts in Eastland County: Carbon, Cisco, Desdemona, Eastland, Gorman, Olden, Pioneer, Ranger and Rising Star. 1948 - Cooper school building became part of Ranger Junior College. 1952 - St. Rita's Catholic School closed after 30 years. 1952 - Bullock School closed after 29 years. 1953 - Ranger Bulldogs won State Championship. 1957 - Ranger schools integrated and Slaughter School closed. 1978 - New RISD school complex built east of town. 1978 - Young school closed (building remains today). 1979 - Demolition of old Ranger High School 2003 - Five school systems left in Eastland County: Cisco, Eastland, Gorman, Ranger and Rising Star. College-Ranger Junior Ranger High School (present) (1923-1978) (1905-1922) Football Schedule & Scores RHS Band RHS Cheerleaders RHS Drum Majors RHS Flag Corps RHS Honors RHS Majorettes RHS Principals RHS School song RHS Senior Trips Scholarships RISD School Board RISD Superintendents School-Cooper School-Hodges Oak Park Ward School-Slaughter Ward Grammar School-Tiffin School-Young Sport stadiums in Ranger