Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - Ranger Schools RHS Principals

Honor our RHS principals who served and guided Ranger through the years. Updated: 09.17.2015 1923 H.D. Woods H.D. Woods 1924 J.W. Overall J.W. Overall 1925-1926 Lyman E. Forrest Lyman E. Forrest 1927 Joe B. Preston Joe B. Preston 1928-1930 H.S. Von Roeder H.S. Von Roeder 1938 J. C. Powell J.C. Powell 1941 P. O. Hatley P.O. Hatley 1945-1946 A.W. Warford Aubrey W. Warford 1947-1948 G.B. Rush G.B. Rush 1948-1949 John A. Winder John A. Winder 1951-1956 H.L. Coody H.L. Coody 1957-1965 Charlie Garrett Charlie L. Garrett 1966-1976 James Childress James W. Childress 1977-1978 Jim Fickling Jim Fickling 1979-1982 Joe G. Wesley Joe G. Wesley 1983-1991 Charles Koch Charles Koch 1991-1992 Lois Ann Boles 1993-1995 Richard McCarson Richard McCarson 1996-2002 Joe Bond Joe Bond 2002-2004 Barry Eddleman Barry Eddleman (RHS-1982) 2005-2006 Totter Draper 2007-2009 John Schaefer John Schaefer 2009-2012 Mike Thompson Mike Thompson 2012-2013 Leanne Ingram Leanne Connell Ingram (RHS-1995) 2013- Karen Saunders NOTE: This is an unofficial list. Ranger School Board Superintendents of RISD