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Sport Utility Vehicle from CBS motor pool in Studio City 01/23 Burnett Crashes Car While Talking on Cell phone
   Mark Burnett spent the afternoon in hospital yesterday after crashing his car while talking into his cell phone. The sport utility vehicle he was driving - borrowed from the CBS motor pool in Studio City - sustained minor front-end damage, but the unflappable producer was unharmed.
   "He was a bit shaken up but in otherwise good humor," said the nurse who tended to Burnett's minor bruises in the ER. "He just has to learn to slow down his pace a little; his daily schedule is quite outrageous. For instance, he carries 3 cell phones and often talks on 2 of them at once. Apparently he does have a full-time driver, but not today I see. My advice to him was to take it easy and let someone else do the driving."
   See comments from "Nurse Jessica" on the Insider Discussion Board.

   With only 17 days until the Jan. 28 premiere of Survivor 2, series producer Mark Burnett is enjoying the internet discussion and speculation surrounding his first release of pictures and information about the Australian Outback contestants.
   "Mark's assistant prepared a whole sheaf of printouts from Survivor websites and message boards from the Internet for him," said a Studio City insider. "They leafed through it during lunch and had a really good chuckle over the whole thing."
   Some surprisingly adept fans on the Internet have studied the Survivor 2 teaser footage in close detail and believe they know the identity of the first contestants to be exiled from the Outback. (See message posting "Clothes, Hair, Beards...")
   Are they correct? Or did Mark Burnett doctor initial Survivor 2 footage to mislead fans who might otherwise spoil surprises to come? To date, Burnett's track record is notorious: the first Survivor series was peppered with out-of-sequence film footage and digitally-altered images which kept viewers guessing until the final Tribal Council. Perhaps Survivor 2 will be no different.

   Sources inside the McDonald's corporation say the fast good giant recently considered, but then rejected a proposed deal with CBS in which McDonald's would offer a Survivor food promotion.
   "Everyone thought it had a nice ring to it - Survivor burger, Survivor-size fries," a McDonald's executive told us, "but we really think it's best if we don't associate our food with the food consumed by contestants on the Survivor show. Especially the strange types of meat they cook on their barbecue".

Mark Burnett: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil to Survivors. 01/05 Burnett Aims to Quash Survivor 2 "Influence" Rumors
   In light of last season's rumors that he influenced "Tribal Council" voting, Survivor producer Mark Burnett adopted a strict no-contact policy with the Survivor participants this time around.
   For the duration of filming, Burnett was "not allowed" to speak to the Survivors, make eye contact with them, send them notes, signal them in any way, or "smoke his fancy cigars with them". In turn, the Survivors were also told not to approach Burnett or speak to him directly if he was seen on the set.
   "Any time one of the Survivors had some unforeseen issue that required executive escalation, Burnett was kept out of the loop as a point of fact," our insider told us. "They [Survivor executives] changed some procedures after Survivor I to maintain a more professional, clean, legitimate game-show image."

Actual Survivor tapes were transported back to the US under high security escort. 01/02 INSIDE THE SURVIVOR 2 EDITING ROOM
   Survivor 2 has wrapped up filming in Queensland, Australia and promises to be the King of all game shows this year. However, even though the complicated filming process is complete, the heyday of work continues as producers piece together more than 6,000 hours of videotape from the Australian Outback into 13 exciting Survivor episodes. But they're in no panic to finish job right away.
   The Reality TV industry has spawned a change in the conventional production sequence of a TV series, which involves holding back the "final cut" of each episode until the day before it airs on TV. This allows time for producers to make editing changes to the upcoming episode based on measured public reaction to the previous episode.
   Using this technique, producers can boost ratings by separating "the chaff from the wheat" in the editing room by tweaking each episode to successively appeal to a maximum public demographic.
   Does this "alter the show" approach seem sneaky to you? Whatever the case, we'll all have to wait until spring to learn the full and complete Survivor 2 story.


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