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Survivor Insider Crew

    We're a small group of loyal fans who work in the film industry and we're fascinated by the Survivor show. Survivor is a great program to watch, but what's of equal interest to us are the
mysteries and intrigue surrounding the entire Survivor production and publicity heyday aftermath. Interesting questions have arisen: How well does the show portray the Survivors and their storylines as they really transpired? Is everything specially tailored for prime-time? What's the real story behind this huge production; what goes on behind the scenes of this fascinating show?
    We are constantly digging for information and working with industry contacts to answer these questions and many others. Return to our site often for more exclusive behind-the-scenes stories and our special brand of unique Survivor 2 coverage. Add us to your favorites/bookmarks now so you don't miss out later!

Contacting Survivor Insider

    Got info? Got leads? Got thoughts, questions, comments or ideas? Having a
sexuality crisis? We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line anytime at

Privacy Policy

    At Survivor Insider, we believe you have the right to 100% internet privacy at home, at work, and everywhere else. Therefore, we maintain the strictest privacy policy possible:  We do not store cookies on your computer. We do not collect or store any information about you. All e-mail we receive is kept strictly confidential unless you give us permission to post it.
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    Survivor Insider is an unofficial fan site for the popular Survivor 2 TV series. We have no official affiliation with any company or person involved with the production of Survivor 2.


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