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Top 10 Survivor 2 Pickup Lines

 10. "No, really, for this challenge, you just climb into the tree there and take off your panties."
 9. "Wanna play kangaroo and hop onto me?"
 8. "Is that a Wallaby in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"
 7. "Wow, look at those dingos go at it! Just imagine, that could be us."
 6. "Ever kissed a 6-inch American Wedge-Headed Man-Lizard?"
 5. "Ever heard of the Croc Hunter? Just take out the first 'r' baby and I'll be your prey."
 4. "Was your father a butcher? Because your rear-end looks like a couple of fine hams."
 3. "I'll give you a mouthful of my rice if I can have a mouthful of your fortune cookie."
 2. "You and I... these cameras all around... hey, this whole situation just makes me hard."
 1. "I seem to have waken up with an immunity idol in my pants - yank it out for me, will you?"

How to Speak Australian

How to Speak Australian Lesson 1: Hello, Goodbye, Thank-You

Try reading these phrases phonetically (without actually trying to imitiate an accent) while a friend listens and see if they can tell what you're saying in your newfound Aussie accent.

"Good eye, Om from Dane Unda."

"Haven ice die now."

(To the postman) "Thinks for the mile, mite."


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