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Survivor 2 Trivia: Cliff Claven style!
  Be an expert! Impress and annoy your friends with these catchy Survivor stats:

...On day 1, the 16 Survivor 2 contestants weighed about 2500 lbs all together. By the time they left
Australia, the group's weight loss totalled almost 250 lbs - the equivalent of 200 20-ounce Porterhouse steaks.

...The Survivor camera crews recorded over 6,000 hours of the contestants on tape. That's about seven million feet of videotape - enough to stretch from Los Angeles to New York City.

...The final end product, which equals 10.7 hours of running time, represents about 0.0018% of the total footage recorded in Australia.

...Speaking of "end product," the Survivors together deposited almost 1,000 lbs of solid human waste into the composting toilets provided for them in the Outback.

The Complete Survivor 2 Schedule

The following is a complete Survivor 2 TV schedule:
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     Sun 01/28 Series Premiere (follows Super Bowl, time may vary)
     Thurs 02/01 8pm Episode 2
     Thurs 02/08 8pm Episode 3
     Thurs 02/15 8pm Episode 4
     Thurs 02/22 8pm Episode 5
     Thurs 03/01 8pm Episode 6
     Thurs 03/08 8pm Episode 7
     Wed.  03/14 8pm Episode 8 (pre-empted by NCAA basketball)
     Wed.  03/21 8pm Episode 9 (pre-empted by NCAA basketball)
     Thurs 03/29 8pm Episode 10
     Thurs 04/05 8pm Episode 11
     Thurs 04/12 8pm Episode 12
     Thurs 04/19 8pm Series Finale: 2 hour special - FINAL HOUR LIVE!

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