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Skills will be demonstrated through the use of a common subject matter theme carried across all projects, with the possible exception of the software evaluation task.

Samples of past student work are available on the course server as a GENERAL guide to acceptable assignments. These projects should NOT be considered without errors, but they DO represent good quality work. They may vary from the specifics of YOUR course assignment, and should be used as a GENERAL GUIDELINE--NOT taken as "GOSPEL"!

Project evaluation critic sheets/rubrics are available on the course server. Please print them out and use them as a checklist for what is required for each assignment.

Project 1: Website (Web Search Techniques/Software Critique)

Project 1 will be a website you create using either a web editor of your choice such as Composer, or an application which automatically generates a site such as Word or Powerpoint. The content will be a "Teacher's Resource" type of idea--you will provide a listing of websites which you plan to help you to put together your Powerpoint Presentation and Newsletter, as well as some other useful teacher resources--such as additional links on the National Park of your choice, puzzle/games/quiz sites, fun activities, etc. Also, the site should be considered a "monthly" edition of the teacher resource--and will feature a critique of an educational software application of your choice. This project will be assessed early on, but you should continue to add to and update the links section of this project as you build your Powerpoint Presentation and Newsletter/Brochure.

The objectives for the software evaluation portion of this task:

The grading criteria for the software evaluation portion of the task is as follows:

The web search part of this task has the following objectives:

The grading criteria for the web search portion of the task is as follows:

Project 2: Educational Slide Show (Powerpoint)

Project 2 will be learning to create a Powerpoint presentation. It will demonstrate your ability to:

Grading criteria:

Project 3: Sales Brochure/Newsletter (Desktop publishing skills)

Project 3 will be a newsletter/brochure to provide interesting facts and information on a national park you would like to teach students about. It will combine using search techniques to narrow down information with visual design/desktop publishing techniques to create an attractive, informative product.

The desktop publishing part of this task has the following objectives:

Timeframe/Due Dates

Since all projects tie together, they should be thought about as comprising a single unit. However, since it is necessary to do web research in project 1 to develop projects 2 & 3, Project 1 (web site and software critique) will be due the 3rd class session. Projects 2 & 3 will be developed simultaneously, although project 2 (powerpoint show) will be due the 6th class session while project 3 (newsletter/brochure), will be turned in at the end of the last class session. Students will always provide appropriate hard copy (print outs) of each project as well as having an electronic copy available on the class server. Students will be saving draft versions each class period on the course server to act as a BACKUP copy of work in progress. The latest version of each project should be saved to the server EACH WEEK.