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There is no textbook for the course. However, you will be expected to access all course handouts from the class server. Additionally, there is a good reference geared to educators for using Microsoft Office. It is online at:

Additionally, there are several URL's which you will find useful to check out as you create your projects. They are divided up by task area as shown below. Be sure to check these out and bookmark them!

All projects should be uploaded to the course server at the end of each class period. You will provide both electronic and printed copies of your work. It is YOUR responsibility to keep backup copies of your work--machines DO gobble up work and can corrupt it. Don't be SORRY--save often and to more than one computer.

You should plan on using a zip disk to work in class, or you may use the "stick" drives. Be warned, however, that "stick" drives may or may not work well in the labs. We use Macs here. PC materials and files generally work very well on Macs, but Mac files usually don't work on PC's. You'll learn to save files for both platforms. This is valuable, because schools use both platforms, and you need to be able to work between them!

You should also make sure you have access to an e-mail account that can handle attaching large files--yahoo, hotmail, etc. generally work fine for this. You will e-mail your files to yourself so you can work on them wherever you happen to be!