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Welcome to the hippy site, where the
sky is yellow and the sun is blue.

Whether you're on the road 24/7 or living the dream in your own backyard, this is your link to the world of hippiedom beyond your desktop. Her majesty Princess Maryjane is the site's loving caretaker, personally selecting each link based on strict scientific criteria -- whim and fancy not the least of it.

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It would be nice to publish
alternate universes.
-jerry garcia

Have a nice trip.


Artificial Intelligence
Hollywood was right: AI is not your friend. Michael B. Kelley for Yahoo Finance.

Cannabis Crackdown
Southern crackpot: Part-time perjuror and full-time US Attorney General Jeff Sessions isn't going to let states' rights stand in the way of convicting pot smokers. Harriet Sinclair for Newsweek.

Child Soldiers
Turning a blind eye: State Department strikes countries from list of nations that recruit children for battle in hopes of currying favor. Jason Szep and Matt Spetalnick for Reuters.

Climate Fight
Kicking it down the road: The Paris Climate Accord sets lofty goals for carbon reduction. Unfortunately, it relies on technology that has yet to be invented. Abby Rabinowitz for Wired.

Cyclical Bigotry
Herd mentality: Andrew Romano and Lisa Belkin examine the psychology of haters for Yahoo News.

Mad Science
Dumbing down: In keeping with reality television star's disregard for science, nearly 60 percent of nominees to science posts lack relevant advanced degrees. Seth Borenstein for AP.

Medical Marijuana
Bogeyman at the gate: In Sessions' justice department, bias trumps states' rights in bid to reignite drug war. Melina Delkic for Newsweek.

Nuclear Countdown
Cold play: America's options for countering Kim Jong Un's nuclear threat appear ineffective at best, grim at worst. Alex Ward lays it out for Vox.

Pointless Diplomacy
Pearls before swine: Pyonyang, White House hold their ground despite State Department offer. Matt Spetalnick and David Brumnstrom for Reuters.

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