"Things are more

like they are now

than they have

ever been before."

-dwight d. eisenhower

Annotated Rant
Fuck something.

Brian Frisk
Brian combines cartooning with wit to make a statement.

The official website of Granta, the popular literary magazine.

Driven by "crackpots and conspiracy theorists," HardDawn.com offers timely parody of Trump's make-believe America.

Sue Sierralupe blogs about herbs, sustainability and coyote orneriness.

In These Times
The official website of In These Times, the progressive Chicago-based journal.

Interview Magazine
The pop culture magazine founded by Andy Warhol.

Landover Baptist Church
Praying against you since 1612.

Literary Kicks
A place for lit buffs to kick it. Promoting the arts - online and off - since 1994.

The LSD No-No
One for the books: On June 12, 1970, Dock Ellis pitched a no-hitter high on LSD.

Mrs. Betty Bowers
She takes piety to new comedic heights, leaving you asking not what Jesus would do, but what would Betty?

An oasis of uninformed analysis in a desert of educated guesswork, this site features reviews, stories, and author interviews.

US vs G Dubya
Former US Prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega takes on the White House in her book United States v. George W. Bush et al.

World News Daily Report
The real fake news.

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