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"One never goes

so far as when one

doesn't know

where one is


-johann wolfgang von goethe

They track airfares so you don't have to.

All About Oscilloscope
Information, sources, products and services related to oscilloscopes abound at this site.

Alpental Ski Resort
An hour east of Seattle, Alpental boasts 300 acres of mostly vertical indulgence.

Andromeda Strain
Milky Way on collision course with our nearest neighbor. Dennis Overbye for The New York Times.

See towering waves of ice as if frozen in time.

Beachcomber Inn
Surprisingly affordable accommodations on the Monterey Peninsula adjacent to Asilomar State Beach.

Big Bang Theory
New quantum equation holds universe has always existed.

Drive a diesel, save the planet.

The Big Board
Market fuss.

Black Diamond
An hour southeast of Seattle lies the historic mining town of Black Diamond.

An hour ferry ride from Seattle lies Bremerton and the Puget Sound Navy Museum.

Cannabis Cup
All the Cups on one central site. Thanks High Times.

Cannibalistic Geography
Volcanic island devours neighbor. Megan Gannon for Live Science.

Cheap Truckin'
Insider secrets to booking cheap airfare. David Bortz for US News & World Report.

Things to do and see when visiting the resort community of Chelan, Washington.

Colima Volcano
Time-lapse video catches volcanic peak as it blows its top. Michael Walsh for Yahoo News.

Coronal Mass Ejection
The nice folks at Just Explain It shed some light on solar storms

Crystal Mountain
Spectacular views of Mt. Rainier help make this the biggest little ski resort in Washington state.

Curly Redwood Lodge
When life grabs you by the short and curlys . . . Our favorite motel in Crescent City, California.

Decoding FICO
Improving your FICO score is an exercise in counter-intuitivity. Barry Paperno for

Doo-Wop Architecture
Step back to the 1950s with Wildwood, New Jersey's kitschy-themed motels.

El Santuario de Chimayo
Sight of an apparition around the turn of the 19th century, no visit is complete without some holy dirt!

Fairy Tale Digs
If you think castles are restricted to Europe, think again.

Your ego in need of a boost? This will do it.

Free Dial-up
Bluelight doesn't. Neither does Juno. AOL never did. But in Seattle and New England, NoCharge does.

G Gordon Lindy
Our very own picture gallery.

Things to do and see in the Hawaiian Islands.

Our infatuation with Hawaii continues with this great tool: The Ulukau Hawaiian Electronic Library. Aloha.

Hippy ID
Bored with your name? Get a new one.

The official website of Islands magazine. Escape!

Search the internet without leaving a trace. Take that, Google!

Kell's Irish Pub
Portland Oregon's panacea for the wee bit of Dubliner in us all. Live music nightly.

Kensington Runestone
Found in 1898 near the settlement of Kensington, Minnesota, and controversial ever since, it serves as proof to the locals that Big Ole and his marauding Viking crew beat Columbus to the New World.

Things to do and see in the historic town of Ketchikan, Alaska.

Khan Academy
A free online education system with a fresh approach. Hey, Bill Gates likes it.

Lake Tahoe
Heaven on Earth: An elevation of 10,067 feet and a descent of 5.5 miles on 92 runs make Heavenly ski resort at Lake Tahoe the best in the West.

Large Quasar Group
No, it's not the name of the latest telecom merger. But it is the largest known structure in the universe - so big it's turning cosmological theory on its ear. Brought to you by the nice folks at

A freakishly Bavarian village nestled in Washington states central Cascade Mountains.

Less is More
A top ten list of cool American small towns.

Library of Congress
Keep up on federal legislation and trick your elected officials into thinking you know what you're talking about when they don't.

Where the locals are referred to as "Lillibillies," and a fabricated story is a "Lilliwhopper."

Living Fossil
No, not a certain US Senator from Kentucky, but a pre-historic frilled shark netted in waters off Australia. David Strege for GrindTv.

Long Bets
An arena for making competitive predictions. Proceeds benefit charities picked by the winning bettors.

Longevity Geography
The nations in the top ten for life expectancy tend to share two key factors: diet and wealth. Yahoo maps it out.

Lost Souls
Lost someone? Find them.

Lucky Numbers
The official lottery results for all Washington state numbers games.

Magick 8-ball
Got a question? Ask Princess Maryjane's Magick 8-ball.

Martian Chronicles
Scientists believe Mars may currently be habitable. Rod Pyle for

Martian Waterfront
View radar map of the red planet's frozen ocean.

Mauna Kea Summit Adventures
An awesome tour to the top of one of the world's tallest volcanoes.

'Metrosexual' Quiz
Are you a "metrosexual"? Take the quiz.

Mickie Finnz
The friendliest bar & grill in Redondo Beach, California.

Microbial Martians
New analysis of data collected by NASA in 1976 suggests there's life on Mars. Irene Klotz for Discovery News.

Mill Bay Casino
Get the skinny on Chelan's favorite little casino.

A small town with a big lake and friendly people who celebrate every July the destruction of Main Street by a tornado in 1970.

Miracle Spices
Blythe Copeland dishes the dirt for TreeHugger.

Mission Ridge
Snow reports for Mission Ridge Ski Resort.

Didn't make it to Europe for the lunar eclipse? See what you missed.

Mount Pilchuck
Ease of accessibility make this one of the most popular summits in Western Washington.

Mr. Picassohead
Create your own masterpiece.

Mt. Bachelor
The best skiing in Oregon. Period.

Northwest Trek
Operated by the City of Tacoma, Northwest Trek offers the opportunity to view wildlife in their native habitat, almost.

Nuclear Museum
Albuquerque's National Museum of Nuclear Science & History celebrates nuclear technology. It's an isotope thang.

Oscilloscope Directory
A comprehensive directory for oscilloscopeheads.

Perito Moreno Glacier
When a mammoth ice bridge collapses on Patagonia's Perito Moreno Glacier, photographer Christian Grosso is there to shoot it.

Permanent Vacation
When earning a living on the road is more lucrative than staying at home. Jeanie Ahn for Yahoo Finance.

Pluto's Gate
Archaeologists unearth portal to the underworld. Claudine Zap for The Sideshow.

Pretty in Pink
Park Rangers at Mt. Kaputar in New South Wales Austraila discover slugs of a different color. Dylan Stableford for The Sideshow.

Psychic Test
Test your psychic abilities with an interactive version of the test designed by researchers at Duke University.

Puget Sound Express
Stuff to do and things to see when visiting the historic Victorian seaport of Port Townsend, Washington.

Puget Sound Navy Museum
Celebrating 60 years, The Puget Sound Navy Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and interpreting the naval heritage of the Pacific Northwest.

Red Planet Fever
Final frontier: Space Policy Institute and non-profit Explore Mars organization co-host conference on Mars travel. Clara Moskowitz for

Redondo Beach
Our favorite community in South Bay.

Redwood Motel
Don't be fooled by the facelift, this motel dates back to the heyday of car camping. Located in the heart of Grant's Pass, Oregon, right across the street from a great Chinese lounge.

Safeguarding Your SSN
Common sense advice on protecting your identity. Adam Levin for

Seattle Japanese Garden
Designed by preeminent Japanese designer Juki Iida, the Seattle Japanese Garden is perhaps Washington Park Arboretum's best kept secret.

Shasta Lake
The ins and outs of this popular Northern California getaway.

Shoalwater Bay Casino
Gambling in Tokeland, Washington.

An online pictorial of the gateway to the Klondike.

Skiing Magazine
The latest gear, destinations and more.

Skydive Kapowsin
Geronimo! Skydive Kapowsin offers all types of jumps from Static Line to Tandem to Accelerated Free Fall - you jump alongside two instructors and free fall solo for a full minute! The sky is falling; be part of it.

Smart Spending
Save green.

Snoqualmie Falls
North America's second tallest single drop waterfall.

Snoqualmie Summit
Check out the snow conditions at North America's largest night skiing area.

Sound of Silence
Cosmic vocals: Earth Chorus or Dawn Chorus are long wave radio waves from the Cluster II satellite.

Spaced Out
The final frontier, brought to you by

Stevens Pass
The best skiing within eighty miles of Seattle.

Stratospheric Snapshots
Brit teen's photos from the edge of space rival NASA's. How he did it.

Stroke Symptoms
Strokes are on the rise in people under 55. Know the signs. Lauran Neergaard for AP.

Super Saturn
Astronomers discover ringed planet that's out of this world. Mariette Le Roux for AFP.

Surfin' the Emerald Tide
Ireland's not known for its surf, but when it swells Andrew Cotton's there to ride it.

Tails OS
Tails (the amnesic incognito live system) is a portable operating system that hides the user's location from prying eyes. Take that, Chrome!

Time Travel
MIT student Amal Dorai threw a party for time travelers, and you're invited.

Top Secret Recipes
Todd Wilbur's online site where he reverse engineers famous grub for your own home cooking.

Unexpected Retiree Venues
Ten best states for retirement. Chris Kahn for

Scientists detect clues to hidden ocean beneath earth's surface.

Wikipedia fills you in on Weed . . . Weed, California, that is.

What's Your Number?
As global population tops 7 billion, find out where you fall in the pecking order.

Yosemite's Falls Phenomenon
Every February, at sunset, when a precise combination of geometry, astronomy and physics come together, Horsetail Fall is transformed into a spectacle of molten lava. Tracie Cone for AP.

2018 Space Odyssey
Millionaire space enthusiast and founder of the Inspiration Mars Foundation aims at 2018 for first manned flight to Mars. Clara Moskowitz for

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