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Welcome to the hippy site, where the
sky is yellow and the sun is blue.

Whether you're on the road 24/7 or living the dream in your own backyard, this is your link to the world of hippiedom beyond your desktop. Her majesty Princess Maryjane is the site's loving caretaker, personally selecting each link based on strict scientific criteria -- whim and fancy not the least of it.

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It would be nice to publish
alternate universes.
-jerry garcia

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The Adrian Darya 1
Cat and mouse game: A drama has been playing out on the high seas between Iran and the US involving bribes, sanctions, and center stage, a hulking oil tanker. Deirdre Shesgreen and Kim Hjelmgaard for USA TODAY.

The Cultural Revolution
Bulldozer state: The War on Terror has revived China's Cultural Revolution, Uighur Muslims its target. Rachel Harris for The Guardian.

Lost Treasures
A pictorial of lost, stolen or misplaced artifacts experts say are real. Get your hunt on!

Planet Whiplash
Astronomers discover massive exoplanet with orbit that may be wildest ride in the galaxy. David Freeman for NBC News.

SCOTUS Restructure
Policing the bench: In move to de-politicize Court, Senate Dems file brief that politicizes Court. Ronn Blitzer for Fox News.

Status-6 WMD
Taking a poke at the nuclear umbrella: Russia retools failed Cold War program for new and improved arms race. Robert Farley weighs its effectiveness for The National Interest.

Subverter In Chief
The joy of acting: How the White House uses subversion of Senate confirmation process to turn agenda into policy. Brett Samuels for The Hill.

The Tailpipe President
Huffing carbon monoxide: "Itís time to remove your blinders, President Trump, and acknowledge that the only person standing in the way of progress is you." Xavier Becerra, Attorney General for the State of California, on emissions standards.

Trade War
Plaintiff, prosecutor, judge and jury: White House appears on track to declaring yet another national emergency to fulfill campaign promise, this time applying law addressing pariah states to trade partners. Ephrat Livni for Quartz.

The Trump Identity
Mixing with The Donald: Reality television star's rally diehards a cast of batshit crazy star fuckers jonesing for a fix. Michael C. Bender shares his observations for The Wall Street Journal.

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