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ACA Under Assault
Sticks and bones: GOP lawsuit one step closer to dismantling Affordable Care Act. Alice Miranda Ollstein and James Arkin for Politico.

Fight or flight: As America takes flight from Middle East, Iran steps up fight with embassy attack. Anne Gearan, Philip Rucker and Josh Dawsey for The Washington Post.

Central Bank Slump
Fiscal virus: Central banks were created to thwart recession and inflation, stimulate employment and spending. But with Fed rates near zero, the economy looks to have developed immunity. Greg Ip unpacks it for The Wall Street Journal.

Circle Jerk
Made you look: Navy and Army find nothing nefarious behind hand sign flashes at Army-Navy competition, blame it on game. Chris Bumbaca for USA TODAY.

Coke Bust
High seas haul: Uruguay officials seize 4.4 tons pure cocaine in record $1.3 billion bust. GMA.

Hook, line and sinker: US steps up arms race (again) in response to Moscow's hypersonic nuke. Mickael Peck for The National Interest.

Fair Housing
War on poor: Having never met a rule that hurts America's most vulnerable he didn't like, reality television star goes after public housing, rent control. Kristin Myers for Yahoo Finance.

Health Care Racket
Out-of-pocket catch: Quarter of Americans with health insurance can't afford to use it. Adriana Belmonte for Yahoo Money.

Hypersonic Nukes
Space force: Kremlin ramps up arms race with hypersonic glide vehicle that has counter-maneuver capabilities. AP.

Intelligence Crisis
Spy vs. spy: Biometrics, digital age signal death knell for espionage as we know it. Jenna McLaughlin and Zach Dorfman uncover it for Yahoo News.

Jumping Ship
Political animal crackers: Impeachment hold-out Jeff Van Drew (New Jersey) expected to switch parties after House vote, Trump meeting. Mike DeBonis, Rachael Bade and Josh Dawsey for The Washington Post.

Middle East Tensions
Gorilla warfare: While Iraq debates US presence going forward, it's clear there's a new 800-pound gorilla in town. The New York Times.

NASA's Return
The next generation of astronauts have been selected for NASA's Artemis program, Moon and Mars landings starting in 2024. Stacy Liberatore for Dailymail.com.

The Netherlands
That trip you're planning to Holland will have to be switched to The Netherlands. Marc Bain with the name game for Quartz.

Nuclear Moratorium
Guns or butter: Kim Jong-un's threat to lift self-imposed moratorium may have more to do with sanctions than weapons. Choe Sang-Hun for The New York Times.

Nuclear Tensions
Stepping in Shiite: Tehran runs what remains of US-Iran Nuclear Treaty through shredder after drone strike, US withdrawal. Nasser Karimi, Jon Gambrell and Zeina Karam for AP.

Deep state conspiracy: Pushing theory about pedophilia in politics, Trump and his ilk throw their support behind domestic terrorism. Eliza Relman for Insider.

Ransomware Attack
Pulp friction: After second cyber attack within six months, New Orleans declares state of emergency, return to pen and paper. TechCrunch.

Refugee Ban
Lone Star NIMBYs: Texas governor keeping reality television star's dream alive with refusal to accept refugees. AP.

Social Security Cuts
Harmful by design: High off kicking hungry to the curb, reality television star takes aim at America's disabled. Anita Wadhwani for Yahoo.

State-sponsored Terrorism
Patriot games: State legislator suspended by GOP leadership after report links him to domestic terrorism, channels Trump. Sara Boboltz for HuffPost.

Stocking Amazon
Buyer beware: One man's garbage is another's Amazon Prime. Khadeeja Safdar, Shane Shifflett and Denise Blostein go dumpster diving for The Wall Street Journal.

Whistleblower ID
Name game: Consumed with unmasking critics, reality television star takes bait and re-tweets identity of whistleblower from likely Twitter bot. AP.

White Power
Flash mob mentality: Started as a hoax in 2017, flashing the "OK" sign has evolved into polarizing statement of identity. The New York Times with a brief history.

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