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'Anarchist Jurisdictions'
Divide and conjure: Conjuring images of cities laid waste by protests, DOJ creates hit list of Trump detractors. Allan Smith for NBC News.

Backdoor Appointments
Bad actors: Like many Trump appointees, federal court rules DHS secretary appointment undercut process, pauses policy over concerns of legitimacy. Peter Weber for The Week.

Birthday Hype
Love and rockets: Putin commemorates birthday with missile test as sunset approaches for key arms treaty. Nataliya Vasilyeva for The Telegraph.

Census Fences
Numbers matter: From COVID infections to polling to 2020 census, reality television star clear opponent of access, data. Mike Schneider unpacks SCOTUS ruling that favors politics over accuracy for AP.

COVID Task Force
Lord of the Flies: Whistleblower describes task force more focused on rewarding cronies than protecting public, frontline workers. Sine'ad Baker for Business Insider.

The COVID Train
Fear and loathing on the campaign trail: After mocking masks, reality television star, aides, test positive for COVID-19, placing pandemic response center stage. John McCormick and Michael C. Bender for The Wall Street Journal.

Cuckold In Chief
The $400 million question: Reality television star suggests he's been ham-stringed by lawyers, IRS, evasive on debt. Igor Derysh highlights NBC News town hall for Salon.

Diversity Pinch
Eyes wide shut: In effort to stymie racism, reality television star issues executive order to ignore it. Jessica Guynn for USA TODAY.

Election Interference
Presidential powers trip: As election nears, reality television star steps up demands for political arrests, leans on State, Justice. David E. Sanger for The New York Times.

'Essential Worker'
What's in a name: Why White House press secretary doesn't get to call herself an essential worker. Kathleen N. Walsh for The Independent.

Health Care Ruse
Sketchy orders: As election looms, reality television star scrambles for points with seniors. Rick Newman for Yahoo Finance.

HHS Gag Order
Politics > Science: In effort to bolster White House messaging, HHS secretary consolidates power over FDA. Sheila Kaplan on the Orwellian move for The New York Times.

Lapham's Quarterly
Lapham's Quarterly embodies the belief that history is the root of all education, scientific and literary as well as political and economic. Magazine, podcast.

The Notorious RBG
Justicia Magnanimous: "[I]f you want to be a true [law] professional, you will do something outside yourself . . . something that makes life a little better for people less fortunate than you." - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, 1933-2020

President's Town Hall
Just the facts, Jack: Reality television star attends town hall hosted by ABC News, and true to style, turns it into a spin session. GMA separates fact from the fiction.

Proud Supremacists
Boys will be boys: Writing for The National Review, Tobias Hoonhout reduces Proud Boys to harmless fraternity of boozers, gives reality television star pass for comments. After nearly a full term coddling racists, it's time conservative pundits began taking Trump's words at face value.

Black hole eats star's lunch. SPACE.com.

Poppycock science: Report claiming China deliberately released coronavirus linked to former White House strategist's non-profits, exiled billionaire. Aylin Woodward follows the money for Business Insider.

Voting Games
Tripling down: Poll watching, videotaping, voter intimidation, subversion, suppression, nullification - the list goes on - are all likely to be played by GOP election officials in 'deep state' attempt to rig the polls. Danny Hakim and Stephanie Saul unpack their playbook for The New York Times.

Wall Update
Spending gap: "[B]order walls function primarily as a symbol of exclusion and are used by nationalist politicians to demonstrate action to their base of supporters." - Reece Jones, professor of earth science, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

1600 Coronavirus Avenue
Fear and scolding on the campaign trail: White House superspreader event takes toll. Pilar Melende for The Daily Beast.

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