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Work-to-play: Appeals court rules against Arkansas work requirement, because it violates medicaid's statutory goal of providing unrestricted access to coverage. Lydia Wheeler and Andrew Harris for Bloomberg.

Articles of Impeachment
You be the judge: With acquittal looming, read the full, downloadable articles of impeachment.

Barring Justice
Pocket pals: US Attorney General William Barr seeks reduced sentence for reality television star crony Roger Stone, prosecutors resign in protest. Michael Balsamo and Eric Tucker for AP.

Washington leads the states with 537 "credible" Bigfoot sightings. Department of Transportation image would make it 538. Ed Mazza with the tally for HuffPost.

Coffee Benefits
Miracle brew: In the past three decades, coffee has made a healthy resurgence as our national beverage. Dawn MacKeen with the skinny on our favorite bean for the New York Times.

China syndrome: US counterintelligence recommends broad approach by civilian population for countering espionage. Caitlin Yilek for Washington Examiner.

Couple's Retreat
Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner shares her stay as a same-sex couple on a straight-sex vacation property for Cond'e Nast Traveler.

The Gentle Barn
Teaching people kindness and compassion to animals, each other and our planet. It's a rescue thang.

Growth Report
Creative accounting: White House report credits reality television star with strong economy, despite weaker growth than promised, poor left scrambling for crumbs. Josh Boak for AP.

Court-ordered intervention: Injunction against "public charge" rule - immigration based on financial ability - overturned by high court in what's become all too common practice: justices promoting policy ahead of law, legal arguments. Caitlin Dickson unpacks it for Yahoo News.

Republican Patriot
Above the fray: In historic trial, Senator from Utah shows spine, votes to put country ahead of party, political aspirations. Mark Leibovich for The New York Times.

Required Reading
Shay Shortt is a transplanted Canadian librarian and book blogger.

Sarvey Wildlife Center
Caregiving for native wildlife for over three decades. Volunteer opportunities.

Stilly Pioneer Museum
Connecting with the past through the present. Arlington, Washington.

The Taking President
Easy as pie: Tax cuts, bloated defense budget, ballooning deficit offer opening for reality television star to blow more holes in social safety net. Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar and Aamer Madhani for AP.

Ticket to Ride
With deadline looming, travelers, states woefully unprepared for switch to enhanced licenses by October. Tom Costello explains the crunch for NBC News.

The Trump Retribution
The beat goes on: "[T]he Russians are still up to it. Deterrence is not working, so letís look at Hunter Bidenís conflict. Letís look at Joe Biden.Ē - Senator Lindsey Graham

Tweaking Justice
Toy soldiers: Unprecedented interference by White House in Justice Department affairs worrisome at best, total unraveling at worst. Katie Benner, Sharon LaFraniere and Nicole Hong unpack it for The New York Times.

War on America
Talking in tongues: Hiding behind terms like "rightsizing," "modernizing" and "reforming," White House budget proposal filled with pitfalls for science and people alike. Simon F. Haeder unpacks it for The National Interest.

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