A smaller reception hall, still lovely, but more sparsely decorated. Of note here is the....

...ceiling, which has to be seen to be believed... Gorgeous.

Traditional Korean housing, looks very similar to traditional Japanese housing.

Those little figures are here too, on the rooves, except here they look almost humanoid.

This was the King's quarters. The king was known as the dragon, and the horizontal tiles found on all Korean roofs (and Japanese ones) are known as sleeping dragons. You'll note that that horizontal row is missing here; they considered it sacrilege to have a sleeping dragon (the roof tiles) higher than the sleeping dragon that was their king.

A better silhoette of those statuettes, and here to can see the "sleeping dragon" roof tiles, laying horizontally at the crest of the rooftop.

Beautiful guest housing with autumn colored trees rising behind.

To keep the houses warm, fires were stoked in pits cut into the foundation, this is one such pit.

The fire pits' smoke was released through a chimney, that stood not on top of the house, but about fifty feet away, freestanding, and beautifully decorated.

This lovely stone staircase led to a locked gate, behind which was one of the "secret gardens" that makes this palace especially famous.

Remembering that people had requested pictures of us at the actual sites, not just the sites, we bothered a passerby to take a quick pic.

No neat story here. I just really like that octagonal watchtower.

More lovely autumn leaves, over the stone walls that bordered almost every pathway.

A "secret garden" with its own tiny temple, this garden's main attraction is the stagnant and currently icky pond, which I'm told is lovely in the spring.

The fiery reds of the maples in autumn dress never ceases to amaze me.

Supposedly, any person who stepped through this stone gate was ensured a long and healthy life. Each member of the royalty did so, as did we. Here's hoping it worked!

This is the gate into the main guest quarters. Interestingly, those Chinese style Kanji (note they're MUCH different from the Bubbly Korean style) means "Gate to Lengthy Enjoyment".

When bored, Debbie and I often did this silly but fun hand clap game that Miyuki taught us. It embarrassed Lauren terribly, which was half the fun of doing it.

This is an 800year old great and venerable tree. It looks as though it has seen better days, though. ;o;

Changing of the guard ceremony at the main gate. People kept rushing up to get pictures of themselves with the stoic guards.

Although there is a guy in the way, this is pretty much a full shot of the guard's garb.

One of our main expenditures on the trip was a custom-fit tailor-made suit for each of us, for use in interviews or whatever. Here is Debbie in hers...

I didn't succeed in getting any "good" pictures of Lauren at all. ^.^ Regardless, here is her suit, she and Debbie (both height-challenged) chose the same style.

And here is me in mine, although I am partially obscured by the clothing hanging in front of me. ^.^

This is us at a kaiseki, or set course meal. From the left, Mika, Debbie, Miyuki, Peyu, Matt and Alyson.

Dominique and her "bitches" (courtesy Matthew)

Big ol' group shot at the kaiseki, with yours truly at the center.

Debbie doing what she does best: tickling Matt, while Dom aids in the torture...

Tickle too hard, though, and the shoji doors will collapse on your head!! Easily fixed, luckily.

Matt, trying to hide from Debbie, but Debbie will always find him!! Bwahahaha!!

Matthew receiving gift-kisses from his ladies... ^.^ This picture is dedicated to Leo... ^.^

Miyuki (a different Miyuki) has a monkey named Matt on her back, while Debbie watches in her Korea-bought leather!

Karaoke again!! We all get a little crazy when someone chooses "I will survive!"...

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