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The information superhighway is filled with twists and turns that can confuse and bewilder most people. There is so much available how can you find what you need and get people to find you? The Computerman Design Team can help you find the short cuts and the right entrance ramps on this road. The Computerman Design Team will help you to construct, maintain and market your website. We can also create custom graphics for your business logo for your website all at very affordable prices. Contact us today and let's get started!

Here are a list of links to websites that we have designed:

We now have a starter page package available for only $10.00 check it out!

We offer a large range of possiblities in Web Site Design which include business sites and personal homepages, the pacakges start as low as $10.00. Each page is designed especially to meet your needs and is a completely original site. You will be sent all of the information about your site; all html files, all graphic files, and all the necessary passwords to the webservices your site will be using.

The Starter Page
One complete webpage set-up can include 5 images of your choice, links to your favorite places, and/or a "front door" advertisment to your business. You can access this site from any computer and it will be listed with some major search engines free of charge. This site is useful in a variety of ways. It can be the place where your friends, family or customers can find your e-mail contact and the address and phone numbers of your business quickly and easily. You can use it as a place to store all of your favorite places on the web in a list of links that can be accessed from anywhere, at home or on the road and (heaven forbid) if your computer should crash you have a backup of all your favorite places. This site can also include a counter to keep track of your hits or visitors to your site, a message board to allow your visitors to post messages, and a chat room for fun or for business. And you can have all of this for just $10.00. Monthly maintainace is not included in this package but is available under contract terms.
Contact us today and let's get started!

Other Pages

If you want your site to do more than this, other packages are available but costs are based job to job. You only get charged for what YOU need done. Our prices are reasonable and can be as low as $200.00 for a complete online business site. Other charges may be incurred by necessary vendors of e-commerce services. Monthly maintainace is also available for exsisting sites and starts as low as $10.00 per month.
Contact us today and let's get started!


We also have free webgraphics available for use on your websites.


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