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Computerman is available for Computer service and repair in the Norfolk, VA area. You can reach him at

(757) 588-2686

The Computer Man serving Hampton Roads area with 23 years experience.

His services include:


New Custom Built Computers

These custom machines are not put together in a factory where they don't know your needs. The Computer Man wants to know his customers and their needs. This enables him to build the machine that is right for you. You get only what you need and still have the option to upgrade at a later time as your needs change. Since all of the work is done by the Computer Man himself you only get what you want not what someone else thinks you need. You get a better machine at a more affordable price.

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Used and Refurbished Computers

Need a computer but you don't want to pay new prices? This machines are available at a fraction of the price of new machines. Each machine goes through the same process as the newer machines, they are refurbished to meet the customer's requirements. The Computer Man will rebuild your machine to your specifications. He also offers upgrades at affordable prices with these machines. So as your needs change or grow your machine can be upgraded. These machines are wonderful for beginners or as a second computer for any family.

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Service and Repair

If you already have a machine and it needs some work bring it to the Computer Man. With blank years of experience he can tackle any problem. Service and repair rates are parts plus $15.00 per hour.

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All upgrades are done in a timely fashion, not weeks or even months as in some computer stores. These include but are not limited to: Sound Cards, Video Cards, Modems, CPU's, and Motherboards. Upgrade rates are parts plus $15.00 per hour.

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The Computer Man has a wide range of new and used accessories for your machine: Speakers, Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, Printers, Scanners and Software.

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Whatever your computer needs come and see The Computer Man @ The Bargain Center before you go anywhere else.

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