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Mostly I began dabbling in 3D as a form of therapy, to ease the tensions of the day and keep myself out of the bar scene. I've used 3D modelling to help in my various endeavors from retail management to general maintenance around the house. I've always had a distinct taste for both Sci-Fi and Fantasy so you may find alot of that here. Drop me a line and let me know if there is something specific you'd like to see. I'll make every effort to respond to any request I get. If your suggestion is marketable you may even make a little something for your idea.
You can also post your suggestions, comments or questions in the message forum.

Characters, props, textures, morphs, renders and free downloads.

Ray Dream Studio
Models, conversions, renders and free downloads.

Home Renovation Projects
Custom 3D designs for your next renovation or remodeling projects.
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