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Issue #4

Well once again I'm back and doin' what I do best, yeppers, speaking my mind. From here on in you'll see a new side to this column. Not only will I discuss the latest happenings in the wide world of pro wrestling but my views on other things as well.

First off though-wrestling. As you already know the world of wrestling took another dramatic turn last Monday as the nWo once again pulled off one of wrestling's biggest schemes. Yes, sadly, Kevin Nash surprised the packed Geogia Dome when he laid down for, well or jobbed to Hollywood Hogan. I am still as big of a Nash fan as I ever was but I did hate to see him go down like he did, well like Hogan's little follower and that's putting it nicely. He's much better than that and I think that totally sucked. He could have at least fought the man *Sheesh*. I hate this angle and where it's goin', but even I have to admit however, that I still like the idea of the Outsiders being reunited--FINALLY!!!

In WWF news--Mick Foley is the World's Champion and thanks to none other than Steve Austin. Foley most definitely isn't your typical corporate champion. This guy has actually busted his butt and worked hard to earn enough respect to hold the title. In other words, he deserved it. Mick is just as tough and hardcore as they come. He gives his all to give the fans a great show and I respect that. In my opinion, no matter if he was to loose that title next week in my book he would be one of the greatest WWF Champions in the federation!!!

Well now on to something totally different from wrestling. I have thought for a while about what other misc. subject I would want to talk about. Well, I have finally found a topic to discuss, that being "friendship" or the concept behind the word "friend". You know this is a word that's been thrown around so much in today's society. Most of the people who we call friends are just mere aquaintances. To me the difference is simple. An aquaintance may be anyone you meet on a daily basis such as at work or when you're walking down the street or in the mall. You may remember this person's name and face but you really share no close bond. However, a friendship is a relationship between two or more persons who share a bond of some sort. Friends understand one another and are there when you need them. A friend never dwells on your faults, but may offer advice or constructive criticism, while at the same time praising the good things you do. So, let's all make an effort to get to know our aquaintaces better, so that maybe one day they will be our friends. Until next time...Peace Out!!!


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