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Issue #1

Hello, wrestling fans!!! First off I would like to send a shout out to the guys and gals of the Nash Forum at the New Nash Strip site!!! I would also like to send a shout out to all the members of my Wolfpac Fan Club and to my fellow SLO sisters and JU and SMO brothers!!!

Now on to wrestling. Where do I start since so much is happening in the wide world of prowrestling? Well, let's start with the WCW/nWo. Everyone that knows me, knows how I feel about nWo Hollywood. If you don't, I hate them. But I must admit it, I do kinda like Hall and Bagwell. I can't stand Hogan, didn't like him when he was red and yellow(with Hulkamania), and don't like him now!!! And what about Horace as the newest addition to the Black-N-White? *Laughs* Puhleeez......I rest my case.

Now on to more important news!!! nWo Wolfpac!!! Yeah folks, I hate to say it, but what's happening to our to our beloved Wolfpac? I mean Sting is still out injured, no thanks to Bret Hart. Our main man, the Don of da Pac, Kevin Nash, well the last time we seen him, he was getting thrown through a generically made wall. Until, this past Monday on Nitro, I mean hey he even wrestled a bit. But, c'mon ladies, does Big Sexy really have to wrestle to look good? I don't think so!!! So, that brings me to Luger and K-Dogg!!! Uhh, okay please help, this is driving me nuts!!! We need some new additions to the Red-N-Black like maybe Rick Steiner, Rey Misterio, Jr. or even Page. And, did I'll not forget to mention that it drives me crazy not being able to see Kev as much as we used to?!? So who do you think should be the newest members to don the Red-N-Black?

On to WCW *YAWN*......Yes, Goldberg is still the World Champion. So who's gonna win World War III? My prediction--Goldberg vs Nash at Starcade '98!!! The US Champion is still DDP. I'm not a big fan of Page's but at least none of Hogan's cronies(i.e. Bret Hart) has it!!! Your World's TV Champion is Chris Jericho. You know, I like Jericho. Aside from the gimmick, the guy's a talent, and he's a really nice person to talk to with a great personality. Trust me, I know!!! Then, there's the World's Cruiserweight Champion--Kidman. Isn't this guy great? Not only does he have the talent to be a champion, but don't he look awesome? Yep folks, this youngster has a bright future ahead of him. I believe that WCW is finally giving him the big break that he deserves. I just sense bigger and better things for this young competitor. And finally, the WCW/nWo Tag Team Champions. Come on what was Rick Steiner thinking? I mean Kenny Kaos, then Judy Bagwell, wearing the tag belt, whatever. Why couldn't Rick find a good, stable tag team partner? What is the point in all of this? You know I'm surprised that Steiner is still holding on to those belts. Please what is the WCW tag team scene coming to? Remember the days when our Outsiders were the champs because I have a feeling those days are long past us. Just pray that I'm wrong. Until next time.......Peace Out!!!


Next update: Latest on the WWF and more WCW/nWo. Also don't forget to check out my Wolfpac fan club at Yahoo under Category:Wolfpac and titled: Fantasy's Wolfpac Fan Club!!!

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