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Issue #2

Hello fans!!! Yeah, it's that time again. Time for you to see Fantasy speak her mind!!!

What's new in the world which we call pro rasslin'? As promised this week you'll have my views of the WWF and more!!!

Well, I guess the most recent thing in the WWF was the Survivor Series. I'm sure everyone knows what went down so I won't bother with the results. But, I have my opinions on what happened.

First off, Sable is your new Women's Champion, and yes I do have mixed feelings about it. I do think these ladies are great athletes, but why revive a title if there are only two women competing for it? McMahon, get a brain!!! There are a lot more talented lady wrestlers in the business than Sable and Jacquelyn. Like for instance Luna, when are we going to see her make a run for the women's title? Check out the ladies who wrestle in the indy feds, ladies like Debbie Combs, Candy Devine, Brandy Alexander, Misty Blue, Terri Powers, Bambi, Peggy Lee Leather, and so on!!!

Now the WWF tag team scene. Call me a big time mark but what about those New Age Outlaws. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Fant proudly presents still WWF tag team champions of the world---the RoadDog Jesse James, the Bad Ass Billy Gunn, the New Age Outlaws!!! I couldn't resist, I love these guys can't you tell? Now speaking of DeGeneration X, I like them all. I really like X-Pac, but Hunter is cool too. They are so funny and I can't wait until Triple H is back in action!!! So if your not down with DX, I got two words for ya---Why not? And, I guess McMahon thinks he's gonna make DX corporate also!!! Yeah right, fat chance!!!

And, what about X-Pac as the European Champion!!! I really love the guy. He's charismatic and I believe he has many more good years ahead of him!!! This youngster has always been a talent and I believe the promoters are finally giving X-Pac the break he deserves!!!

Then there is the Light Heavyweight Champion--Christian of the Brood. You know I actually like this newcomer and his friends Edge and Gangrel. And come on you have to admit it that Christian is hot, but I love that Edge!!! The Brood is gonna be a force to reckon with soon in the WWF!!!

The McMahons must think they're good, and as much as I hate to admit it, well they are. Vince pulled off probably one of the biggest schemes in wrestling. Come on admit it we were all fooled. Our beloved hero, the People's Champ--The Rock has since dumped his people like a bad habit. No longer is it the People's eyebrow, but now the Corporate eyebrow.*Sighs* But is it really going down like it seems? Maybe the Rock is setting up Vince and the rest of his corporate cronies. Let's just hope that's what's gonna happen, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see what's up with our World Champion The Rock!!!

Yes, my friend's Austin got screwed!!! He had the Rock defeated last Monday until the "World's Biggest Sissy" Ken Shamrock pulled the ref out of the ring. But, that's okay cuz Shamrock will most definitely pay. And as far as Austin goes, you know I like Stone Cold. He's got an attitude that just won't quit, not to mention he does look good. And, the way he connects to the fans is just AWESOME!!! Long live the Stone Cold Stunner*raises up a Steveweiser "Cheers"*!!!

On to more WWF news, if you don't know I apologize, but I must as they say spill the beans, but HBK is back!!! However according to my sources it won't be to wrestle, manage, or commentate, but to play the role as the new WWF comissioner as a part of McMahon's Corporate Team!!! Personally, I love HBK and I hate to see him make a heel turn like this, especially after the details I've heard about the turn. He is supposed to turn on X-Pac on RAW!!! Why Shawn why?!? Until next time....Peace Out!!!


Next edition: Update on the WCW/nWo and more of Big Sexy and the Wolfpac(hopefully) and continue to check out my Wolfpac fan club at Yahoo!!!

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