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Issue #3

Yeah, it's me again and as I sit here writing this column I couldn't be happier, especially concerning the latest happenings in the wrestling world.

As promised I want to update you on what has went down in the WCW/nWo. So, let's get started!!! First off, let's let our minds wonder back to World War 3. As usual, since you know what went down, they'll be no results here, just opinions. So I'll just discuss the important things for this PPV.

Things like the Cruiserweight title match, for example--Juvi vs Kidman. This was a good match especially since Juvi's defection to the LWO added fuel to the fire, as LWO member Rey Misterio, Jr. prevented Juvi from retaining the title. But, not to take away from Kidman, as usual this youngster continued to display his high level of athleticism that we expect to see in all of his matches. Another Cruiserweight title and another excellent perfomance from Kidman!!!

Then there was Scott Hall vs Kevin Nash. As you may know, this match never happened. The nWo Black-N-White jumped Hall and Nash came out to help and so on. But, that's not what was important. Yes, we almost had what wrestling fans have been wanting since their breakup. We almost got that Outsider's reunion we had been longing for. But, our hopes were shattered when Kev turned and walked away when Scott reached out with the Wolfpac sign. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be at the time. But can you really blame Kevin for not trusting Scott after all Scott's done and after all they've been through?

Now, the 3-ring World War 3 match. This was a good match and it didn't take long for our fella Big Sexy to get an upper hand after quickly eliminating everyone in his ring. Finally, 57 men later, it came down to the last three with Kevin, Lex, and Scott. I think at this moment there was a mutual respect showing among these three warriors, but then only one man could win. Luger and Nash gave one another an encouraging hug, then the three went at it. Luger racked Hall and Nash ran in to eliminate both men. Yes, I was right--Big Sexy vs Goldberg at Starcade and as you saw on Nitro, heat is already starting to build up between these two superstars. Let's see what happens!!!

Now speaking of Nitro, this week's show was pretty good. We saw plenty of Kev, and we had some good matches. First off, I want to discuss the Kidman vs Rey Misterio, Jr. match. This match was exciting and as usual, these cruiserweights gave it their all!!! In the end, Kidman was once again victorious after Juvi interfered and put the Juvi Driver on Misterio without Kidman's knowledge.

Once again we got to see Nash in the ring, this time against Wrath. This was a good match and Wrath was an exceptional opponent for Big Sexy. Of course, though, Kev came out on top!!!*Smiles*

We also got to see Kevin do his usual in ring speech, and an interview with Gene Okerlund talking about what went down with Scott at WW3, only to be interupted by Goldberg a few seconds later.

Later on we saw Scott Hall come out and give his in ring speech kind of deal talking about how he now felt that he had something to prove to everyone, including Kevin, and to himself. We also saw him in a match with Alex Wright. Scott actually wrestled. No staggering around, no showboating. Yes, I must say I was impressed!!! He ended up defeating Wright with the Outsider's Edge.

But, *Sighs*, still no Outsider's reunion. I mean come on we know it's gonna happen but when? Yeah, Fant is getting just a little impatient and like the rest of you I want my Outsider's back!!! Remember, when we had them? Now, fans, those were the days!!! As usual, time, peace out!!!


Next update: My opinions on the LWO and more WWF and WCW/nWo news. Also, my opinions of seeing Nitro live. If you have an opinion or suggestion for this column, please email me at !!! Thank you!!!

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