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The beach of Alikes lies not far from the capital Chalkidi. In the summer you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds and there are tavernes and snack bars open. There is a long sandy beach where you can also enjoy water sports.

The beach of Edipsos in the village / spa with the same name is located in the north of the island. It is a nice beach with facilities and tavernes.

The beach of Eretria is close to the centre of the city. There are tavernes and other facilities. It is popular with the Greeks themselves. It is usually not very busy. At the beach of Eretria are palm trees.

The beach of Istiea or Istiaia is a long beach in the north of the island of Evia, near the town with same name.

The beaches of Kalamos lie in the east of the island south of the village Kimi. It consists of a quantity of small bays with fine sandy beaches in a spectacular setting. OIn the area are some tavernes and a single hotel.

The beach of Lefkandi or Lefkanti is situated just under the capital Chalkidi between Chalkidi and Eretria. It is a two kilometer long sandy beach. There are a number of tavernes and there are also a few accommodations.

The beach of Limnionas is a beautiful beach on the east side of the island of Evia, an hour and fifteen minutes driving distance from the capital Chalkidi. Near the beach are two tavernes.

In the north of the island lies the village of Pefki. In this area are also beautiful long sandy beaches. The landscape in the area is very green with olive trees and pine trees. In the summer there are sometimes hydrofoils to Skiathos and the other Sporades islands.

Near the villages of Rovies in Limni, in the northwest of the island of Evia you can find the long beautiful pebble of Rovies.

The beach of Xiliadou lies on the east coast of the island behind the Dirfhis mountains, about an hour's drive away from the capital. It is a quiet and beautiful sandy beach with some tavernes and a few small hotels.

In the southeast not far away from Styra lies the beach of Zarakon. It is located in a quiet bay and usually it is not very crowded. On the beach are two tavernes.


The beach of Hikiadou. Once one of the best naturist beaches of Greece, but in recent years a little less, imeaning more people in swimwear and busier. The beach is located on the north side of the island just west of Kimi. Outside the high season and on weekends worthwhile to try.

The beach of Potami in the southwest of the island. Follow the path of Karystos to Aetos and keep following the coastal road. Here is more quiet and there are several quiet beaches suitable for naturism.

The pebble beach on the northern side of the campsite Rovies, located in the northwest of Evia, is used by naturists, often on the basis of "first come".

The southern section of the beach at Vasilika in the northeast of the island of Evia is used by naturists.

The southern part of the beach of Agia Anna is also used by naturists. Great beach with room for everyone.

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