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The sights of the island of Evia or Euboea in Greece
Evia Evia Evia Evia Evia
Evia Evia Evia Evia Evia

The beautiful nature and the pinetree forests covered mountains on the Greek island of Evia are worth a visit on its own.

The Euripus channel at Chalkidi where the flow of the water can change at any moment (8 tide changes per day). The Euripus channel is 30 meters wide. People have been trying to explain this phenomenon and there is a story that Aristotle drowned himself here when he jumped into the sea because he wanted to know how these tide changes emerge.

Signs to the old city Chalkidi are difficult to find, but in the Archaeological Museum of Chalkidi are the many finds that were discovered on the entire island. In Chadiki are the remnants of ancient temples and there is a 15th century fortres (Karababas). The current city Chalkidi is essentially a modern happening but on the quay, with its quaint hotels and cafes there is still a bit of the old atmosphere.

The remains of the old rival of Chalkidi, the old city Eritria, has more antique remnants to take a look at. Chalkidi and Eritria fought many wars to get control on the plain between the two cities. There is a theater, a marketplace, the foundations of a number of houses and a part of the city wall with the best-preserved gate of this period in Greece. In Eritria there is also an archaeological museum.

Kimi, 90 miles northeast of Chaldiki, is one of the oldest cities on the island. It is situated high in the mountains (with a port 4 miles away where the ferries arrive). In Kimi you can find a folklore museum. There are remnants of the old town and there is a Byzantine monastery. In Kimi there are many beautiful neo-classical buildings.

In Limni in Loutro Edipsos in the north of the island are remnants from the ancient time. In Loutro Edipsos are the remains of the ancient spa, because the village has been a spa since the ancient times. Most dates from the Roman era and were build under the reign of General Scylla. There are also remains of the Temple Dafniforos Apollo, the Palaestra with beautiful mosaics and an old theater. On a 7 kilometers distance of Limni build at the foot and against a mountain ia the beautiful Byzantine nunnery Galataki that dates from the 7th century. It stands on the ruins of the Temple for Posidon Aegeas and has a courtyard, so-called "cells" for the monks (rooms for the monks - or in this case the nuns) and a medieval Byzantine tower. This is the oldest monastery on the island and there are beautiful frescoes to be seen. Also here are the remnants of the old cities Aiges and Elymnion and there are small chapels from the Middle Ages in the area.

The fishing village of Rovies was called Orovies in earlier times and it was a fairly major city in antiquety. There was also an oracle of Apollo. During an earthquake in 428 B the city was partially destroyed but then rebuilt and expanded. Also in the Byzantine and later in the venatian time, it was a town of importance, as witnessed by the remaining Venetian tower from the 13th century. Today Rovies a modern city with about 1500 residents and it attracts a lot of tourists.

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