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Trini 1 trini 2

TRINIDAD Skatepark Trinidad, CO.

A huge 15,000 sqft. skatepark with hips, spines, jump box, rails, and deep huge and sometimes over vert bowls. There are also a couple of half shell looking things. Open from dawn till 10pm and pads are not enforced. Also for the most part ruled by the BMX riders.

Rye Airfield Overview Rye Airfield bowl

Rye Airfield Skatepark Rye, NH

Rye Airfield is an Indoor park that allows BMX in. It have 6ft. deep bowl with 8ft. extension. A 15ft. vert ramp. also a couple of minramps and plenty of street like obsticles. Cost money. 3 hour sessions pads are required.Watch out for the skaters who have no clue where they are sitting scare them a few times and they will get the hint.

Trini 1 trini 2

Canon City Skatepark Canon City, CO.

The park is approximately 10,000sqft. it has a primary 5.5-6 foot deep bowl section with 9 foot and 8 foot extenions. There is a spine in one part of the bowl that make some of the most skillful riders fear for there lives. There is plenty of street obstilce surrounding the main bowl so there is always something to do. There is a no pegs rule there but if you are abusing the park with them people don't really seem to mind. Watch out for pain in the arse skateboarders who think they are badasses and try to run you out. Stand your ground and just deal with their slacker atitudes.

SAlida bowl salida sign

Salida Skatepark Salida, CO.

Salida is really just one big bow. has three section a 4 foot, 7 foot and 10 foot deep really fun to ride. It also has a really small street coarse section running paralel to it wit a banked pyramid and small jump box. Bikes are only allowed on friday nights and if you ride other than then keep an ey out for cops. The cops will be nice if you are wearing a helmet. Also there is a damn good bike shop down the road from the park its called absolute bike and the people are cool as hell I suggest visiting even if you don't need any repairs.

HRS bowl HRS sign

Highlands Ranch Skateparks

Has a snake run that empties into a few bowls, a very nice kiddy pool, and a few ramps for "street." One of the few snake runs in Colorado. a nice park all around. There is a no pegs rule but it is hardly enforced. The park is a fun ride you just have to watch out for the oldschool skaters doing the snake run.

WR sign

Wheat Ridge Skateparks

All steel half pipe with connected 4’ and 6’sections multiple ramps; stairs; rails; spine; drop-in ramp; allows bikes. It has all these things but it is put together like crap. The problem with these steel parks is that they get too hot on sunny days, and if it rained the night before they take forever to dry. They also develop gaps and sags. It's an ok park to spend and afternoon in but there are better parks in the area to ride and they are not that fare away.