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The Riders

The Parks

Riding Pics

The F.U.B.A.R. BMX Riding Pics

The Pics are of the Fubar crew and some friends.


"Robert Tree Ride"


"Dan Relaxing at
Rye Airfield Bowl"

"Robert Sailing Over
Trinadad Hip"

"Nate Busting out
some flatland"

"Robert One-Handed

"Roy airing out of the
bowl at Canon City"

"Francisco the
flatland hot dog"

"Robert feebling the
'SAFEWAY' ledge"

"Go Speed Racer,
Go speed racer Goooo!"

"Dan over Dirt Jump"

"Loitering is just
too much fun"

"Kevin riding the tree"

"Robert 'SAFEWAY' gap"

"Robert Carving
High on the taco"

"Robert over Camera"

"Roy Air-Out
to fakie"

"Robert Airs-out And
Roy's Jaw Drops"

"Fransisco pulling
off some Squeakers"

"Robert Pulling an Assisted
endo Off a concrete bench"

"Robert Ice-pick on
memorialized bleechers"

"Robert the Boy
with the Golden Crotch"

"Robert Full extension
Over Trinidad Hip"

"Kevin Manuel Over
Box Jump"

"Nate Gapping
a Homie"

"New Lazer Wheels
Ohh yeah!"

"Look Mom
I'm an Artist"

"Dan Carving the
Half-pipe at Rye Airfield"

"Dan nailing an

"Jen Learning to carve after
expert advice from Rochelle"

"Francisco Lawnmower

"Robbie Huge
X-Up Over a gap"

"Robbie Wall Riding
Church Storage"

"San Luis Fedral
Bank Wall"

"Robbie high flying
tire grab"

"Nate Dead after carving the
Rye Airfield half-pipe for an eternity. (30 sec.)

"Dan at Rye Airfield
Feebling a Ledge"

"Nate X-up
to Aboobaka"

"Robbie with his
First Hang '5'"

"Nate Crashing on
a Nose Manuel"