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The F.U.B.A.R. BMX Crew


Francisco a 30 year old flatland specialist is the oldest member of the FUBAR crew. He is the one that keep the crew going. And also the one who keeps us up to date with BMX news from today and the past.

Dan "The Bike Mechanic"

Dan is 22 years old and is a skilled bike mechanic. For the past three year he has been serving as the mechanic for the Fubar crew making sure that all the bikes are up and running to the best of his abilities.

Robert "Charlie Brown"

Robert 19 years old. He has the strange ability to go sky high off anything he hits. He may not be the smartest kid alive but he can certainly fly as highas the best of them.

Nate "The Cameraman"

Nate is 23 years old and has been riding for two years His main hobby is making videos of the road trip taken by the FUBAR crew. He also takes still pictures in addition to the video he shoots. If he isn't on a bike he is there with a camera in hand filming.

Mike "The Inmate"

Mike 19 years old. Mike although we call him a The Rookie he has been getting progressively better. He can now bunny-hop and grind with some skill. His only problem now is ability to take a fall and keep riding.

Kevin "Mr. Lucky"

Kevin is 18 years old. For get the term lucky for the kid he seems to have the worst luck out of us all. The kid has broken his Collar bone when riding. He has bent his handlebars into a pretzel and as of late he has totaled his car. So I ask you where is his luck.

John "The Ball and Chain Magician"

John 22 years old. He is an average rider who is a little distracted by his life to really get out there and ride. He is Ingadged and the FUBAR crew has not seen him in a while. His recent disappearance might have something to do with the fact he might now be married.

Roy "The Golden Boy"

Roy is 20 years old. Roy is the Fubar crews golden child he represents the best of the best in the Fubar crew. He is the guy we look to as to having all the skills. The kid has recently not been able to get off his bike do to a thing called a girlfriend. Damn what is the deal.

Daniel "The Mexican Maniac"

Daniel is 20 years old. He is the most racially charged. Too stupid to realize he is trashing his life and can't control his own action. He does realize how many chances he has been given by people around him and how he has through those chances away. All in all a complete moron more pictures to come though. How shitty is he just e-mail the webmaser and find out.

Jenifer "The FUBAR Chick"

She is 22 years old and the only girl to hang out with us homely looking guys and that makes her special. But hey she also want to ride a BMX bike and she is getting better every day she gets out to ride.

Josh "The Cousin"

The 13 year old cousin of Dan he wanted to try BMX so dan Built up a bike for him. His first trip to Rye he just started to rip it up. He is one to watch in the up and coming years


is one of the news guys friend of Mike and Rob he has recently been able to travel into Alamosa to Ride other than being a wuss when it comes to the cold he is a pretty cool kid. And his bike is in need of serious repairs.

Gerald "No name"

New member of the Fubar Crew he rides a volume dinosaur. And thats about as much as i know right now. Haven't riden with him long enough to know anymore.

Martin "No name"

New Kid who spent a whole day dir jumping with me but have no idea what to call him yet. He is cool and he rides a Mirra 540 by haro. Cool been riding for about two months and he is getting better every day.