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Welcome to Kittycats Cattery v.5 Rainbow Style! Last updated 28th May 2002!

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#1: Alley Cali Coon Shorthairs

I chose a female Alley Cat and a male Calico. 

They produced these four kittens which you can adopt...

Name Show Name Status
Amy Kittycats / Your Beginning / White Alley Cat Adopted
Scampy Kittycats / Your Beginning / Scamper Available
Peanut Kittycats / Your Beginning / Peanut Available
Ginger Kittycats / Your Beginning / Back Alley Cat Available

I chose the best kitten from the litter which was Amy, I mated her with a male Maine Coon. They produced this litter which you can adopt...

Name Show Name Status
Sprinkles Kittycats / Your Beginning / Sprinkled Sugar Adopted
Patchie Kittycats / Your Beginning / Patched Up Adopted
Lucy Kittycats / Your Beginning / Lil Lucy Available
Wendy Kittycats / Your Beginning / Cali Cat Available

!Alley Cali Coon Shorthairs coming soon!

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