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How To Hex

Welcome to The Hexing Section @ Kittycats Cattery. All tutorials were written by me so no stealing without asking! Last updated 26th March 2002!


Hexing Home

Hex Painting

Colour Chart

Hex Painting

Separate Breeds

Short/Long Names

Paw Pads


Fur files

Double Texing

Texture List


Puffy Tails


Mini - izing
Removing Spots
Ball Size
Converting Breeds
Changing An Eye

Welcome to the Hexing section of Kittycats Cattery. Use the links on the left to go to your desired destination. More tutorials are on their way! The next tutorial will be Mini - izing.

Updates From 26/3 2002.
26/3 - Hexing section opened, Colour Chart added, Hex Painting, Separate Breeds, Puffy Tails, Paw Pads, Flared, Spotting tutorials added.

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All tutorials were written by Laura @ Kittycats Cattery. Don't place them on your site without asking.