Guys are Easy
-:- Chapter 4 -:-

Seonghoon inserted the key to Jiyong’s house, letting himself in. “Jiyong!”


Soowon followed Seonghoon in, taking off his shoes as he entered.

“Where’s your angel?” Seonghoon asked, looking around for signs of girls.

“Have no idea. Went to pick her up at home and she wasn’t there.”

“Hmm... I went to go pick Jini up and no one was home either.”

“Jini? She never goes out.”

“I know. Maybe she fell asleep. But then again, I called her only a few minutes before I told her I would stop by.”

“Could you guys all stop with this girlfriend talk? I feel kinda left out,” Soowon interrupted.

“Sorry,” Seonghoon said sheepishly.

“Yo, where is Hyori!!?” Jiwon bellowed, throwing the door open.

Jiyong and Seonghoon hurried out to see what was going on.

“Where is she?! I haven’t seen her all day!”

“Funny, me and Soowon just saw a few minutes ago and she said you were in her pants,” Seonghoon replied.

“Pants?! I haven’t been in there since two nights ago!”

“Didn’t know you’d fit,” Jiyong muttered.

“I lost weight,” Jiwon said just as sarcastically.

“Well...where are they?” Jiyong asked.

“Do I look like 411 to you?” Seonghoon shrieked.

“Oh, wait. I see your girl’s Honda. Hold up, who’s Honda is that?!” Jiyong hooted.

“Your girl’s. Mine’s the one with a wack looking doll in the front window,” Jiwon replied.

“And mine...dunno what happened to her car,” Seonghoon added. He returned to the living room where Soowon occupied himself with t.v.

“Honey!” Yuri shrilled, running to into her boyfriend’s arms. “I miss you!”

Hyori growled as she pushed Jiwon up against the door frame. “Where have you been?”

“Shouldn’t you be asking yourself that?” he retorted.

“We shall continue this discussion later.”

“Oh, yeah? When?”

“Whenever you corner me in the bathroom like always,” Hyori fired.

“That’ll be right now!”

“Hi, Jiwonie oppa,” Lee Jin greeted quietly, stepping over the threshold.

“Now, why can’t you be nice like her?!” Jiwon demanded.

“So you can take an advantage of me!? Kiss my Korean ass I’ll be nice!”

“You say things you’ll regret,” Jiwon warned.

Hyori faked a gasp. “Oh, yeah! I forgot! You love kissing my butt!”

“Damn whore!”

Hyori just laughed. “Love you, too.”

They liplocked, unaware of Jaejin making his entrance. As Jiwon pulled away, he glanced at the doorway, his eyes bulging out.

“So...we meet again,” Jaejin said casually, recognizing Jiwon.

Jiwon licked his lips. “Yes...”

“You two know each other?” Hyori asked, surprised.

“Somewhat,” Jiwon replied nervously.

Jaejin agreed. “Somewhat.”

Hyori ushered Jaejin inside and closed the door. “Jiwonie!”

Jiwon’s eyes followed Jaejin into the family room.


“WHAT?!” he snapped.

“What’s wrong with you!?” Hyori screamed.


“You act as if he chopped off your dick!”

“Maybe that’s because you bit it off!”



“Do you know if he has a little sister?”



Jiwon thought about the question. “Not that I know of. Why?”

“Isn’t he new?”

“Not really...just not popular.”

“Are you sure he doesn’t have a sister?”

“Could be Jini...Hey! Both of their name’s Lee!”


“That’s him! His name’s Lee Jaejin!”

Hyori nodded, the family ties with Lee Jin and Jaejin growing more confusing.

-:- Chapter   5 -:-

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