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Welcome to Matt's Page of Poetry and Running! Kick of your shoes, hang up your jacket, and stay awhile! Matt's Page of Poetry and Running

I Don't Know
Blindly loving and not know where or how the road will lead you
Spring 2002

The Paintbrush
Extended metaphor for true love and finding existence in someone
Spring 2002

Flood Gates
Letting the emotion come out in words one night and not being able to stop it
Winter 01/02

Turn From Him
Seeing how bad that guys is for the girl you love and wanting her to walk
Winter 01/02

All I Am
Knowing that all you are as the friend, not the boyfriend you want to be
Winter 01/02

None Will Occur
Losing out on the one girl that you love while she falls for someone else
Winter 01/02

Actions Combust
Hope that what the girl of your dreams did to you will catch up with her
Fall 2001

Time to Forgive
The time and place where the relationship gets stronger and you both as people
Fall 2001

Other Things
I need to leave and yet she won't let me, I need to leave because it is best for me
Fall 2001

What We Have Is Right
Emotions changing after so long together to something better, but confusing
Summer 2001

Long Weekend
It is amazing how missing someone intensly can shine a whole new light on your relationship
Summer 2001

Not Gonna Happen
I have hurt so many people, but I am different now and I will try and make us work
Summer 2001

Sweetest Kiss
It didn't work out the first time we tried, but after that new first kiss I know it will this time
Summer 2001

Stuck in Fear
Going over everything that got hurt inside me and how long it took to recover
Summer 2001

Screw the Cap
Still wanting a love you lost so long ago, but knowing you'll never have the guts to risk it
Summer 2001

How Can You Say?
Being best friends with a person you've loved becomes hard when you hear some things they now say
Spring 2001

Worth It
For true love any sacrifice is never too great and how everything you did, you would do again
Spring 2001

Last Night
Rolling over and seeing the one you love and knowing that you truly love them with all your heart
Winter 00/01

Impossible Love
The one you love is far away and you have no way to get to them and you just feel horrible and weak
Fall 2000

The one you need and love just needs some time away and you realize you should give that to her
Spring 2000

Sitting Here Thinking
In remembrence of a great love, but with the knowing of the splitting apart that has to take place
Spring 2000

Perfect From the Start
Valentine's Day what I can a say, a reflection on how fast a girl can capture you heart
Spring 2000

There for Sure
No matter how many times I fight with my first and I think true love I'm always there for her
Winter 99/00

Those Words
Letting go of someone you love still, but knowing you have to for the good of yourself
Winter 99/00

What You Did for Me
How a girl took away pain from my life and filled it with things I had no clue existed before her
Spring 1999

So Perfect, So Sweet
A loooong time ago, but not bad for 12 yrs. old, I wish I still knew this girl
Winter 97/98

Sun and Sky
Another old one put on here just for grins, read it, humor me
Spring 1997

Only One
Just to show you no matter how corny you think you sound, keep writing and you'll improve
Spring 1997

This Light
Going out for a normal night and not expecting to find the new emotions that came

Pulse Race
Loving laying next to the girl that you love at the time

Her Pain
Never being able to take your love's pain away for her

Never Good Enough
Just like the title says, all about inadaquecy

I Never Knew
Being so in love and finally finding what love is, more of a song really

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