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Welcome to Matt's Page of Poetry and Running! Kick of your shoes, hang up your jacket, and stay awhile! Matt's Page of Poetry and Running

Other (The rest of LIFE)
Truly living life to be happy so as to not bend and break like most things do
Spring 2002

Half way religious, worrying about a friend and hoping they'll find worth in themselves
Spring 2002

The way people let the world tell them what they do
Winter 01/02

Random Acts
About the little things throughout the day that really do make a difference
Winter 01/02

Price Tag
Forgeting to keep that one secret and regreting that decision
Winter 01/02

Old Friends
Exactly what it says, why old friends and old things are the best to have
Summer 2001

Go a Little Deeper
Just getting fed up with the dribble of normal conversation, need for emotions
Summer 2001

Something no teen says enough, but every teen thinks, a thankyou to my parents
Summer 2001

Tear it Down
Fear of getting close to someone and wishing someone would come and take that fear away
Summer 2001

I Push
What am I searching for that drives me to this pain as I search
Summer 2001

Truth Is
What do we know about the people around us and what do we know about ourselves
Summer 2001

Realization Moment
Getting angry at the problems and fears that haunt you. Then finally laying them to rest
Summer 2001

Scared to Death
What if I died tonight, what would people think, what would they say, what would they feel?
Summer 2001

Adrenaline Emotion
Somtimes I try to see how people work, get under their skin, and build their thoughness
Spring 2001

Created Personality
I can change who I act, what I where, and how I say things on a whim, but that does not change me
Spring 2001

Fast Paced
Not listening to your heart and feeling the pain you cause to yourself and others
Spring 2001

Heart to Try
You feel the evil around you and know that the struggle is useless but you know you have to fight
Spring 2001

Never Failed
About how much you don't mean to hurt people but you still do and the guilt that comes with it
Spring 2001

Common Courtesy
For me little nice deeds that don't say anything about how much you care are pointless
Spring 2001

Just Want to Run
Me fed up with some people taking every problem like it is catastrophic, instead of having thicker skin
Winter 00/01

Is It I or Another?
The feeling I get when I run, as if I'm invincible and not feeling who I am or what I am
Winter 00/01

Slight Hello
Just a little smile or grin with a touch of care can change someone's day and spark a friendship
Winter 00/01

Real Reason
Kind of religious I guess, basically on Christmas and how we've lost its true spirit
Winter 00/01

Personality Amputee
Wake up and find that you do things you never expected and you aren't who you have tried to become
Winter 00/01

Undertone of Lust
Contradictions, contradictions. You see what you see but you have no idea of the truth
Winter 00/01

Water Under the Bridge
Putting things behind, being sorry for your mistakes, but moving on cause you need to
Winter 00/01

I like to be upfront with issues and I don't see the reason to hold emotions back
Fall 2000

String Puppet
A trivial rain that brings such good emotion in the moment, but you have to find something more
Summer 2000

This Kind of Why
Losing your control over your life and wondering why you are going through it
Spring 2000

Why do people do what they do, act like they act, that sort of thing
Winter 99/00

Sadness' Decoys
Feeling like you have never measured up to what you are supposed to be

That wonderful thing that makes everything okay when you have it

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