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Now this is what really happened in Rehobeth
for three hours!

 Matt Cleveland– Xenoken, Arch Magi of Durator, narrator
John Hofler – Grom
Brian Crouch – Arthas
Darcy Halstead – Rock/Boulder

 “The earth is displeased,” said Grom, geomancer from the western barrens, ”this travel will be rough.”  Rehobeth was infamous for being fierce to those who dared travel to the ancient church with an even more ancient fate.  It was hidden away in a little tuck of the great Allegheny Mountains, whose great rolling prominences were overturned by the Earthmother, Slyvannas, in the first age.  However, he was not alone.  Accompanying Grom was myself, Xenoken, Arch Magi of Durator, an acolyte of Ner’Zhul in the magic's and dark arts; a paladin of great renown, Arthas; and also one whose wisdom of Rehobeth was both vast and unrivaled, Darcy, the Rock. 

We traveled through the mountains to the ancient church and assembled our gear and satchels.  We passed through a graveyard whose restless spirits were only quelled by the light of Amman, the sun.  We traversed a great wall, whose use was obviously to deter adventurers from their death, and descended into a valley.  There the entrance to our destination laid covered with moss and stone.  Before we descended I was able to take a sample of the moss and having been trained in herbalism by my master immediately knew of its great healing properties and stashed it away in my satchel.  With no further ado we entered into the great chasm of Rehobeth.

As we descended, I found a tablet with writing in tongue and script unfamiliar.  I passed it on to Grom who in his training in the Stonetalon Mountains had come across this language before; it was of the Glak’Nathal, a race of earth elementals.  And it read:

“Follow the river into the depths and find the Staff of Rehobeth.  From there take it to its rightful place.  Only then can the Glak’Nathal rest in peace.”

With our task set clearly before us we traveled deeper and deeper into Rehobeth ever searching for the forsaken staff.  Along the way our comrade-in-arms Darcy, the rock, had acquired a tremendous amount of experience conversing with the ancient walls and so she leveled up, into a boulder.

At last we reached the great chamber of Rehobeth whose walls were vast and vaulted.  There we found the Staff of Rehobeth and with the strength of the Orc geomancer, Grom, we were able to place it in its rightful spot.  

Xenoken and Grom holding the Staff of Rehobeth

There Grom performed the necessary incantations and conversed with the ancient elementals and their plight from the undead Frogloks.   


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