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Recent Trips

Rehobeth Church Cave
Union, WV

On 19 November 2004, Joedy Klimas, Matt Cleveland, John Hofler, Brian Crouch, and Darcy Halstead packed up and headed to Wytheville, VA to stay with Rita Klimas.  The next morning we all took the suburban to Union, VA, about a two hour drive, and arrived at Rehobeth Church Cave around noon.  It was a mild but light rainy day. 

Matt, Darcy, Brian, John and Rita
  Picture by Joedy Klimas

You can see the cemetery and old church in the background.  The cave entrance is located to the right, through a barbed wire fence, down a slight hill and follow the creek into the ground.  Rehobeth is a wet cave.  It also has a lot of large breakdown and a couple of stream passages.  We stayed left after our entry into the cave and made it back to the chimney to an upper level.



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