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Going up the Chimney gains you access to an upper level to where you can go back to what we call "Tom's pinch."  Although there two other avenues of access to yet another upper level, "Tom's pinch" is a challenge.  Once through this area, we took a breather.  For some reason, the cave was very warm.  We traveled from this upper level further back into the cave were it dead ends.  We then retraced our steps to the cavern were the Chimney gained us access.  We had bypassed a lower water course and decided to now go down and get wet.  The water passage was absolutely great, waterfalls, spray, mist, you name it.  


It was fun!  We then went back up the water passage, down the Chimney, stayed right and followed the water back out of the cave.  It was a good trip.  Now that's my rendition of the our caving in Rehobeth Church Cave.  The kids, however, tell the story a little differently:


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