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Esper Skate Team  

Esper Skate Team Updates

October 21- 

     Long time no updates, but school started a while ago and not as much stuff has come around.  The new Joannes skatepark is up and running as of October 12th, I put some photos of it on the site.  I also put on a new video of some basic little tricks at the new park.  If you haven't been there yet, do so soon, it's well worth the drive.  Not only is the concrete smooth and the obstacles good, but the layout is great too.  Check it out if your in the downtown East Side Green Bay area.

Videos from Skatepark (five or six)- (7mb)



August 28th-              



     -My new camera!

Everyone rejoice!  Last week, I finally purchased a new camcorder, a Sony Dcr Trv-18.  In other words, a really good camcorder that HAS SOUND and nightvision!  Muhhahahaha.  with this camera, we're going to make some really awesome stuff, like more skating videos, plus some extras that you're sure to enjoy (MTV fear ripoff).  So sit back, relax, and check out some new clips on the site.  Enjoy. 

*To view the new clips in .MP4 format, you need Quicktime 6.  Click here to download Quicktime 6.  .MP4 files are small and look great.

Andy barspin manual across box- (185KB, .mp4)

Andy extremely long manual- (852KB, .mp4)

Ryan noseblunt on box- (144KB, .mp4)

Ryan kickflip manual across box (new)- (204 KB, .mp4)

Andy L. bluntslide on box- (120KB, .mp4)

Andy L. noseblunt on box- (208KB, .mp4)


August 7th-

LAKE OWEN!!!  Team members Ryan and Andy L. just returned from Lake Owen skate camp in Cable, WI.  All they have to say is, that place is amazing.  I've decided to make a page dedicated to the "Lake Owen Camp" experience so that other people find out what it's like and want to go there as well.  Although we didn't film us skating a lot, we still managed to get several clips of the trip.  BUT, I did manage to film many of the contests and demos through the week, so be prepared to see some amazing skateboarding.

Click on the Lake Owen sign to the left to get tons of reviews, photos, and videos of the Lake Owen Camp experience.

I'm still trying to get my hands on a real digital camcorder, and my best bet so far looks like the Sony DCR VX 1000 because of the price (Ebay $900).  The only problem is that it doesn't have an LCD screen so that you can easily look at what you're filming.......and that has almost turned me off to the idea of buying it.  I just don't think it'd be real fun to be stuck looking behind a viewfinder the whole time........  If anyone else has some suggestions, please email me at  Any help would be appreciated.


July 24th-

New clips in Real Media format.

Andy Manuals line

Andy 1 footer over yellow barrier

July 22nd-

Went to the miniature skate park just outside Green Bay today.  It opened up a few weeks ago, but it was hardly worth the wait.  It's tiny and often crowed by little kids who try to push up and down the pyramid all day long.  Anyway, Andy L. here makes the most of it.

This is the skate park.  Don't mistake it for a parking lot.

Andy L. puts down a clean 180 nosegrind on the ledge- (84KB, .wmv)

I took the time to make a poll for the site, it's right here in the links column.  Make sure to voice your opinion and leave a comment as to what the next poll should be about.  I also put a guestbook at the bottom of this page in case you feel like commenting on anything.  And, just to put the Jif on the peanut butter sandwich, I took the time to create the Random Facts of Skateboarding.  Each time you visit the site, another random fact will show up.  To submit your own Random Facts, just click the link.  I hope to have a message board up soon also, so keep commin back we always got more stuff.

July 20th-

More pictures and videos here from the team, take some time to check em' out.

  Jason does a grab off a big drop on blades - (91 KB, .wmv)

Ryan backside kickflips off a k-mart ramp - (65KB, .wmv)

Andy V. throws a no-footed grab off the curb.

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