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Esper Skate Team  

Team Pictures

Simple, but true, here is a collection of many photos of the Esper Skate Teams adventures.  Choose a page and then simply click on a image to enlarge it to full screen.

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Andy thrown' down a stylish one footed-xup over this garbage can.

Ryan puttin the "pop" in flip with a chest-high 360 flip.

Kevin knows a little bit about kickflips. Here he puts a nice one down off the curb.

Jason gives new meaning to the words, "garbage hop". Stylish ollie.

Andy L. puts it all on the line with a clean-looking noseslide on the high bench.

But of course!

Wow! How did Andy V. manage to ollie down this many stairs? Is he insane? Or just good? 12 stair no comply gap.

It's the Jif!

Even in the begining, Esper was puttin it down. Ryan, varial heelfilp, June 2001.

Just in case you were wondering.....

Jason decides to try some old-school. Big hippy jump over a strange yellow barrier.

Blank deck? What blank deck?

Jason sporting his new rollerblades. Haha, rollerblading, who actually likes to do that?

Andy V. hangs out with some of his girls.

Ryan lays down the law with a no-joke tailslide on this skatepark rail.

Yuck, people actually eat this stuff?

Wow! What is Kevin doing in this picture? Is it a kickflip, hardflip, or some completely new trick all together. Whatever it is, it's sweet.

Pancakes, anyone?

Oh my God! Jason has become a midget!

What the....? How is the......? Never mind, we dont know either.

Kevin, reflecting on what's really important.

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