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Esper Skate Team

Team Videos

All videos are in either mpeg/wmv or quicktime format.  To get quicktime, click here.  To get windows media player, click here.  If you have trouble streaming the videos, simply right-click the links and click, "save as".

Andy Van Pay

1 Handed switch-up xup manual across a pyramid- (60KB, .wmv)

Xup over a skatepark ledge- (72KB, .wmv)

Ryan Baumann

180 to Half-Cab Frontside Filp- (52KB, .wmv)

Kickfilp Manual across a Box- (70KB, .wmv)

Kickflip off a picnic table- (62KB, .wmv)

Backside Kickflip off launch ramp- (65KB, .wmv)

Jason Jolly

Ollie off a loading dock-(50KB, .MPEG)

Darkslide to Fingerflip thing- (69KB, .wmv)

Oversized wall drop on blades- (91KB, .wmv)

Andy Lindberg

Lipslide on a 14 ft. rail- (40KB, .wmv)

Gap ollie off a Ramp- (55KB, .wmv)

50-50 down a raised rail- (77KB, .wmv)

Steep boardslide off a high ramp- (74KB, .wmv)

180 nosegrind skatepark ledge- (84KB, .wmv)

Kevin Heim

Ollie over random box to 50-50 line- (82KB, .wmv)

Ollie over a rail into the street- (72KB, .wmv)

Derrick Knapp

360 flip over a hip- (35 KB, .wmv)


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