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Welcome to our page for X fanfiction. So far, there's only a few stories, written by us, so if you have one please e-mail it to us! (P.S.-We are in no way professional writers: Our grammar and punctuation are terrible, and our characterization pretty much sucks. But we tried and we worked very hard on these, so if you are going to comment, keep that in mind.)

Generation X Stories:

I Know What You Did Last Saturday
By Newt & Soupnazi

The kids are left alone in the mansion when Mr. Cassidy is stuck in Snow Valley because of a snow storm. Hilarity ensues. (Well, in my opinion it does.)
Parts 1 to 4
Parts 5 to 8

The People vs Monet
By Newt & Soupnazi

Monet is in court, charged with first degree snobbery. Soupnazi is the prosecution, and Newt the judge. You get the idea.

Part 1: The Beginning of the End
By Soupnazi

A new student arrives at the Academy. Is this the end of Generation X as we know it? (Read the title dummy.)

Part 2: A Star Is Born
By Soupnazi

Now that Generation X is no more, the kids have to find a new career. But what?