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I Know What You Did Last Saturday

By Newt & Soupnazi


"What are we gonna do?" Jubilee asked frantically as water began to cover the floor. "This is all your fault!" Ev yelled pointing a wet finger in Jubilee's direction. "Hey, I'm not the one who broke the tap now am I?" "Yeah well if you hadn't squirted me when I was going to refill then I wouldn't have gotten angry!" "Wait, I have an idea!" She yelled. "Follow me!" Jubilee raced down the hall with Ev right behind her. She ran down into the basement and grabbed a huge wrench from the tool shelf. "What are you doing?" Ev asked. "I'm gonna shut off the water!" She said motioning to the pipe behind her. Unfortunately, she swung too hard, and the wrench struck the pipe, which cracked open. Water came gushing out, immediately drenching both the children. They looked at each other. "Uh oh."

* * *

Angelo and Paige were in the middle of cleaning up the huge mess in the kitchen. "Ah still can't believe ya did somethin' so stupid!" Paige said shaking her head. "Fine then, next time just don't leave me alone with the food!" Angelo replied defensively. "Oh, well excuse me for thinking ya were responsible!" "Oh and excuse me for not being as perfect as you chica!" Angelo yelled at her. Paige had had enough. She reached behind her and grabbed the first thing she touched, a big, red, juicy tomato. She hurled it at Angelo, hitting him smack in the face. A very shocked Angelo flung a blob of cake batter at her. It splattered right in Paige's hair. "Mah Hair!" She screamed. "Ya're dead Espinosa!" She grabbed a can of whipped cream from the counter, yanked his shirt collar and sprayed it down his shirt. Angelo pulled a container of refried beans from the fridge, pulled off the lid and lifted it in the air. "Say your prayers hayseed."

* * *

Artie and Leech stood back and looked at their creations. Two large snowmen right in the middle of the rec. room. Then a bubble appeared over Artie's head. "You're right Artie we do need eyes and noses." Leech said nodding his head enthusiastically. The two young children scampered off to the kitchen. "Die Angelo!" "You're going down!" The two kids stared as food flew in both directions hitting the now filthy teenagers. "Maybe the snowmen are okay without eyes and noses." Artie nodded his head enthusiastically.

* * *

Monet slowly opened her eyes. Groggily, she sat up and tried to remember where she was. Suddenly, it all came rushing back to her: The vase, Jono, the kiss... oh god the kiss! She stood up and nearly fell down. She regained her balance and decided to fly to the bathroom, just in case. She reached the bathroom door and landed, not noticing the huge puddle of water on the floor around the sink. As soon as Monet landed on the tiles her feet flew out from under her and she fell headfirst in the bathtub with only her legs sticking out. She slowly sat up, leaned over the side and barfed. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and passed out.


Brrrrring! brrrrring! The phone in the living room began to ring. Paige darted out of the kitchen and grabbed the phone, covering it in oatmeal from that morning's breakfast. "Massachusetts Academy." "Paige lass, how er ye?" "Ummmm Fine." Paige tried to keep the panic out of her voice but the accent was a dead giveaway. "Er ya sure lass?" "Y-yes" "Maybe I should fly over there? The storm ended a few hours ago, t'would only take a min..." "NO! Ah...I mean We're fine. Really." "Aye, than I'll be there in a couple of hours once the roads are clear." "Okay, then bye." Paige said hanging up. "Oh mah gawd!" She quickly ran into the kitchen "Angelo! Mr. Cassidy is comin back in a couple of hours!" She screamed. "Madre de Dios!" he yelled. "Ah'll start cleanin up, y'all go warn the others!" Angelo ran out of the room as Paige grabbed a sponge and began to scrub like she had never scrubbed before.

* * *

Jubilee and Synch were busy trying to clean up the basement. "Quick Jubes plug the pipes!" Jubilee ran across the room and grabbed some of Jono's socks and stuffed them in the pipe, cutting off the water. "Now what do we do 'bout this?" Jubilee asked pointing to the knee deep water covering the floor. "Hey Amigos! Mr. Cas...the hell? Never mind, Mr. Cassidy called and heís cominí back in a couple of hours!" Angelo then turned around and ran off. Jubilee turned to Ev and her eye began to twitch. "A COUPLE OF HOURS!" She shrieked. "OW!" Ev yelled covering his ears. "I've got it!" Jubilee ran towards the janitorial closet and pulled out two buckets. "You synched with M's powers right?" "Right." "So all you have to do is fill these buckets with the water and fly them up the stairs and out the door!" "Ummm, I guess that could work." "Of course it could!" Jubilee yelled shoving the buckets at Ev. "Now get started!" He quickly filled the buckets, flew up the stairs, down the hall, out the door, emptied the buckets, and went back downstairs. He did this about 50 times. Finally, exhausted, he collapsed on the stairs. The water was still about mid-calf level. Jubilee, who had been trying to evaporate the water with her pyrotechnics, slumped down beside him. "Oh, we are so screwed." She moaned, putting her face in her hands.

* * *

Paige was scrubbing the floor. This is takin' so long. she thought. She remembered what Angelo had said earlier. "Well, maybe you could husk into a giant sponge." She sighed, "Ah guess it's worth a try." Shrip! Paige tore off the skin on her hands revealing two bright yellow sponges. She quickly began to scrub the floor. She smiled. "Well Angelo ya finally came up with somethin' useful."

* * *

Angelo ran down the hall searching for the Artie and Leech. "I've looked everywhere. Where are they?" He continued to walk until he got to the rec. room and saw snow surrounding the door. He opened the door and looked inside. Artie and Leech stopped what they were doing and turned to see a stunned and motionless Angelo, standing with his eyes wide and mouth slowly moving up and down like he was trying to say something. "What...how...ohhhhhh nooooo." "Are you OK?" Asked Leech, concerned for the older boy, who looked like he was about to faint. "No I'm not okay. Where did all the snow come from?" "From outside." Said Leech. "No, I mean why is it in here? Where's the window?" The boys shrugged. "Never mind. We can figure this out later. Let's just get rid of it." Angelo turned towards the door to get some shovels. "No!" Leech shouted, grabbing his hand. "Our snow men will be cold and hungry and lonely outside." Cassidy will have my head on a platter if he finds the room like this. He tried to pry Leech's hand from his wrist, but he would not let go, and Artie now clung to his leg. They both looked close to tears. "Why do you want to hurt Leech and Artieís friends?" Angelo sighed. I don't need this right now. he thought to himself as he crouched down beside Artie and Leech. "Listen, the snowmen will be happy outside. It's their, uh, home. Yeah, that's it. They like the cold. You want them to be happy, right?" Both kids nodded. "Then they have to go back outside and live with all their snow friends." This better work, I'm running out of time and ideas. To his relief, the kids were smiling. "Skin is right. We'll help you get them home." Artie nodded in agreement. "Thank you. I'll go get the shovels, and be right back." He checked his watch. Madre de Dios, only 45 minutes left before Senior Cassidy comes back. I'd better hurry. Suddenly Angelo stopped in the middle of the hall. "Where do we keep the shovels? Do we have any shovels?"

* * *

Jono walked down the hall towards the bathroom. Opening the door, his eyes widened when he saw the water on the floor and in the sink. {What the...} His eyes widened even more at the sight of a passed out Monet in the bathtub. {Bloody 'ell.} He walked over to Monet, and covered his nose. Lovely he thought, staring at her. I better clean 'er up. He sat Monet up in the tub and walked over to the sink. Grabbing a face cloth, he dipped it in the water filling the sink and wiped M's face and hands. After drying her off he picked her up and carried the unconscious girl to the living room. {Where did all the bloody cushions go?} He decided to lay her down on the floor. {She'll be fine. It's not like the gel knows what's goin anyway.} Walking out of the room, he slammed into Angelo, who had finally located the tool shed in the backyard. "OOPS, sorry amigo." {Where are you going with those?} "Somehow the window in the rec. room broke and now it's full of snow." {Why don't I help.} "O.K, but there's something else I've gotta do, OK?" {Yeah, sure.) Angelo passed Jono the shovels and they both went on their way.


Meanwhile, the two discouraged youths in the basement sat contemplating their fates. When Banshee sees this mess he'll kill me. Thought Everett. I'll probably be grounded until I graduate. If I graduate. What if I get kicked out of school? "Oh man, this really bites." The sound of Jubilee's voice brought him back to earth. "Whadda we gonna do? Frosty already has a grudge against me, and this'll be jus the excuse she needs to make my life miserable." "Calm down J, I'm sure it won't be that bad," said Ev soothingly, despite the fact he had been entertaining similar thoughts. "Maybe not fer you." "Just think. there's gotta be a way to get out of this." So they thought. And thought. And thought some more. Just as Everett was beginning to think of a decent school he could attend back home Jubilee jumped up and shouted: "Wait! I have another idea!" This isn't gonna be like the last two ideas you've had tonight, is it? Because I really don't want to make this situation any worse than it already is." "Do ya wanna hear my idea or not?" Said Jubilee, her hands on her hips. Ev sighed. "Might as well. Go on." "All you have to do is make a crack in the floor so the water can drain out!" Ev, knowing he wouldn't be able to get out of it, accepted. He stood up and slammed his fist into the ground. A large crack formed and all the water quickly drained down the hole. "Perfect!" Jubilee shouted enthusiastically. She ran over to Jono's side of the basement, grabbed his old rug and set it over the crack. "Now lets get outta here." She grabbed his hand and dragged him up the stairs and into the kitchen. "Whoa! Major disgust!" She said, sticking out her tongue and putting her finger in her mouth. "Whaddid ya do hayseed? Cassidy's gonna have a fit." Paige, on her hands and knees on the floor and scrubbing furiously, gasped: "Must...clean...before...he...comes...back." She looked up. "CLEAN NOW!" A frightened Everett grabbed a mop and started cleaning, and Jubilee picked up a sponge and began scrubbing. Then Angelo walked in. Paige gave Angelo one look and he quickly walked over to the sink, picked up a damp cloth, and started to wipe the walls. "Ewwww! Grrrross!" Everyone turned to Jubilee, who lifted up a piece of Paige's skin.

* * *

Jono walked into the rec. room. Great. he thought looking at the mess he had made. Artie and Leech turned around and looked at him confused, "Leech wants to know where Angelo went?" Leech asked innocently. {He had something else to do.} Jono replied. "Are you going to help our snowmen go home?" What? { Uh, yeah sure, whatever.} He handed each of the boys a shovel. {Let's get started.} The three of them dug their blades into the snow, and began to fling it through the broken window.

15 minutes later...

{Well, this couldn't go any bloody slower.} Grumbled Jonothan as he paused to survey their progress. {We barely made a dent in it. Angelo'd better get 'ere soon, cause at this rate we'll be shoveling until July.} "You called Amigo?" Angelo asked standing in the doorway. {hut up and shovel mate!} "Nice to see you too Mr. Sunshine." "Whoa! This makes me an Ev's mess look like a puddle!" "Oh yeah, I brought Jubilee too." Angelo said as he and Jubilee walked in the room. {You couldn't of brought Ev?} "Ha, ha, very funny!" Jubilee said rolling her eyes. "Now c'mon, less talk and more shovelin'." Angelo crossed the room and relieved Artie and Leech of their shovels, which were considerably taller and heavier than both of them, handed one to Jubilee, and began to shovel. "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go!" Sang Jubilee. The two teenagers looked at each other, than began to shovel as fast as they could. They were going to ache next morning, but it was worth it if they could get away from Jubilee's terrible, off-key singing faster.

* * *

Vroom Vroom! A bright red sports car pulled up outside the gate, and a tall, well-built red haired man got out and began to fly over the wall. {'e's back!} Jono telepathically shouted. Paige and Everett ran around the kitchen, grabbing sponges, rags, and the mop, and shoving them into the closet. Paige threw one last look around the kitchen as they were almost out the door. "Oh no, the blender!" She cried. Everett lunged towards the sticky appliance and, panicked, threw it into the nearest cupboard. "We'll deal with that later. Now let's get outta here!" The two students raced out the door and towards the living room.

Part 8

"Hurry up! He's almost to the door!" Jubilee turned from the window to Angelo and Jono, as they desperately threw the slushy remains of one of Leech and Artie's snowmen out the window. "Let's go!" Angelo scooped up the last of the snow, and they were done. "Finally! C'mon, c'mon." Jubilee was so nervous she was almost dancing around. {Wait!} Yelled Jono. {What about the shovels?} Angelo's fingers extended and he snagged the shovels out of Jubilee and Jono's hands, and threw them out the window. "We'll deal with them later." He grabbed Artie and Leech's hands, and the five kids ran out of the room. They reached it moments after Paige and Everett arrived, and they all collapsed simultaneously on the floor, partly from exhaustion and partly from stress. "Next time we're home alone" said Angelo "remind me to tie Jubilee up and stuff her in the closet." "Amen." Said Paige, nodding. "Hey! How is this my fault?" "It just is." {SHUT UP!} yelled Jono, and for the second time that night, they fell silent. Everett cleared his throat to get their attention. "Uh guys, why is Monet laying on the floor unconscious?" Before anyone could answer him, they heard the front doors close with a resounding boom.

* * *

Sean Cassidy walked into the entryway of the school and stomped his feet to get the snow off of them "Ahh, tis good t'be home." He strode into the room and put his heavy coat in the hall closet. "Now where are the kids? Paige sounded a little strange on the phone, I hope everything's OK." After peering into the empty, yet oddly clean kitchen, he was finally rewarded with the sound of explosions, no doubt from one of those all-violence/no-plot movies that Jubilee and Angelo liked so much. He pushed open the door, and saw the kids grouped on the floor around the TV, except for Monet who was sleeping peacefully by the couch. Isnae that sweet. he thought to himself. "Hello kids." "Hiya Mr. Cassidy" Jubilee said without taking her eyes off of the TV. "Didja bring snacks?" "Sorry lass, but I forgot them in the car. How did the night go?" He asked, looking directly at Paige. She fidgeted nervously. "Everythin was fine. Just fine." She didn't meet his eyes. "Paige, is that...flour in yer hair?" "What?! Ah...I mean, no, it's not flour, it's just...something else." He decided to let it drop. They all looked fine, and the mansion seemed to be in good shape. "I dinnae know what Emma's talking about. The kids are responsible an mature enough to stay home alone." He walked into the Exercise room. T'was so cold outside, I think a good workout in our Danger Room will help warm me up. He changed into his spandex uniform, set his usual program, opened the door...and walked headfirst into a huge construction of pillows and blankets. With a thunderous roar (Well, as thunderous a roar as feathers and cotton can make) the pile came tumbling on top of the former Interpol agent, who didn't move out of the way fast enough and ended up buried underneath a mansion's worth of linens. "Help! Children...Paige, Angelo, somebody, help!" But his cries were completely muffled by the cushions, and could barely be heard on the outside of the pile, let alone in another wing. "Help."

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