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"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.


Dex: 6 (d10)
Str: 4 (d6)
Tou: 5 (d8)
Per: 8 (2d6)
Wil: 6 (d10)
Cha: 4 (d6)

# of Attacks: 1
Attack: 8 (6)*
Damage: 6 (12)*
# of Spells: 0
Spellcasting: NA
Knockdown: 16

Physical Def: 9
Spell Def: 8
Social Def: 8
Armor: 4
Mystic Armor: 0
Uncon. Rate: 22
Death Rate: 31
Wound Thresh: 8

Combat Move: 60
Full Move: 120

Spitfire Spiders are a larger version of normal spiders. They are about four feet long and their body is close to three feet wide. These spiders a generally covered in small black hairs. On the back of the spider, their are four stripes of orange or red. This is the common way to identify Spitfire Spiders.
Spitfire spiders can be found just about eveywhere. They mostly live in dark forests nd jungles. They also live in great numbers around death's sea and the badlands. They group together into packs of three to ten but it is not uncommon around the death's sea to find them in larger groups.
Spitfire spiders food are ussually small birds, rats and other rodents. It's not uncommon to see these spiders capture larger creatures like cyotes and wolves. They will gladly eat these creatures as long as they don't put up much of a fight. Spitfire Spiders don't generally atack or eat name-givers. The only times they will attack a name-giver is if it is protecting it's lair or eggs. It will also attack to defend it's self.
*The most common method of a Spitfire Spider's attacks is their spit, hence their name. Their spit isn't really fire but more of a hot plasma type substance. They can spit this plasma up to an amazing 150 yards in range. If it hits it's target, the target takes step 12 damage initially. They continue to take step 6 damage the next following three rounds. After the three rounds, the plasma dries and crumbles away to dust. the Spitfire Spiders can shoot this plasma twice and then must wait 3 rounds for it to reform in their glands.
Characters who defeat these spiders can cut out the two glands that produces the plasma. The sacs are very fragile and break easily. This makes them suitable for throwing them like gernades. Unfortunatly, they can be dangerous to carry. It there is reason for the sacs to break, roll a step number equal to the material strength of the material the sac is being broken against. The target number is 4. If the result is equal to or higher, the sac breaks, spilling it's contents. These sacs are worth legend points, 50 apiece. They can be sold to any willing buyer for 50 silver as well.