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"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.


Etiquette of Sleeping in the Wilderness

A few days before I wrote this article, three of my mates and myself were out hunting about a weeks walk south from Throal. It was at this point that we were happened upon by bandits during our time at camp. We were fortunate not to be killed but they did tie us up and used our pre-existing camp for their own. The night was very eventful and I think that it would have been less so had the bandits known a few simple things before deciding to camp out in the wilds of Barsaive.

They first built a blazing fire. This fire was massive. As tall as a troll and as wide as an obsidiman. This large fire would surely attract all manners of creatures or other name-givers to the camp, but they did not seem to care. They did decide to set up watches during the night, which was one thing that was wise of them. Unfortunatly, during the watch of the brute, a nasty beast snuck up on him and got suprise on all of the bandits. They managed to beat it down but not with out suffering from some injuries. The brute was so excited, he began beating upon his shield with his axe. He did this for at least 15 minutes and who knows how much longer he would have continued to go. His pounding attracted the attention of an Espagra. The brute was slain in the ensuing battle but luckily for him, his friends took our last chance salve and gave it to him, thus saving him from death.

The rest of this story I can not complete. Let me just say that two of my mates were slain because of the actions took by those men. I am confidant that they would still be alive had that brute not attract so much attention the night before. Hopefully any who read this will make efforts to keep themselves safe as well as prisoners during the nights spent out in the frontier lands.

Submitted by Sebmardi, an ork non-adept hunter.