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"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.


Dex: 5
Str: 9
Tou: 8
Per: 4
Wil: 6
Cha: 4

# of Attacks: 1
Attack: 7
Damage: 7
# of Spells: 0
Spellcasting: NA
Knockdown: NA

Physical Def: 8
Spell Def: 8
Social Def: 10
Armor: 15
Mystic Armor: 6
Death Rate: 46
Uncon. Rate: 39
Wound Thresh: 13

Combat Move: 100
Full Move: 200

Sea Snails are large creatures that live in the northern reaches of the Selestrean Sea. They reach to a length of 9 feet all the way up to a length of 16 feet. Sea snails have a soft body that is protected by a hard shell that they carry on their backs. Their body and shell are ussually the same color, and they range from green to blue and even a few are black. On the shell of the snail are three razor-sharp blades made from the shell. These blades are mainly used as a defense against predators. When these predators close their jaws around the snail, the spikes pierce the roof of the predators mouth. Some snails have been very acustom to using these blades to slash the hulls of passing ships. These blades do step 20 damage to the hull of ships. When the snails aren't using their blades, they bunt their heads into their victums. They ussually only do this as a last resort. They only attack if they are protecing their territory or young.
Sea snails eat the plant life at the bottom of the sea. They do in fact need air to breath and so surface to get air. They can stay beneath the water for hours on end. Some calverymen have been known to tame these snails and use them for transport on the sea.
Sea snails are a rare delecacy in Thera and poachers hunt them to sell to these restraunts. Some traders have begun to bring these snails to Throal and they get paid good money for their efforts. One snail in Throal can be sold to restraunts for 300 silver, even more for the larger ones.