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"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.

Submitted by Ben Klein

Hive Guard (Invae Stinger)

Dex: 12
Str: 4
Tou: 5
Per: 8
Wil: 4
Cha: 3

Iniative: 12 (2d10)
# of Attacks: 1(2)
Attack: 16(12)
Damage: 10(12)
# of Spells: NA
Spellcasting: NA
Knockdown: 12

Physical Def: 12
Spell Def: 10
Social Def: 15
Armor: 8
Mystic Armor: 8
Uncon. Rate: 50
Death Rate: 56
Wound Thresh: 8
Recovery Tests: 3

Combat Move: 90
Full Move: 180

Powers: Poison Spell Defense 6, Step 10. Dmg 15 Climb 25

Loot: Stingers Are Crystalline Worth 50 SP. Poison Sack 100sp. Alchemists can usually yield 20 to 40 doses of poison from a sack.

The Hive Guard is one of the most simple of the Invae. It can be created from any fairly large dog, or cat or mammalian creature of about thirty to sixty pounds. The perception value is based entirely on its senses and not really on any form of intelligence though the Hive Guard is cunning. Though the appearance may very somewhat most Hive Guards resemble oversized (1.8’-2. 0' length) scorpions with two less legs than the regular scorpion. The head is typically canine though feline and even humanoid heads have been reported. Shell color is a dull mossy green to a dull black. Texture is somewhat rough. Hive Guards can climb almost any surface and movement along walls and ceilings is equal to double their climb step.
They typically attack in-groups of four to twelve depending on the patrol size. Usually in larger environments two or more will surprise intruders by rushing forward rapidly to attack, meanwhile others will crawl along the ceiling or walls in an attempt to get behind the group. They will usually begin with a series of sting attacks following up with Pincers only if the poison doesn’t seem to be working.