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"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.


Dex: 6
Str: 15
Tou: 16
Per: 4
Wil: 8
Cha: 5

# of Attacks: 2
Attack: 8, 14
Damage: 22, 17
# of Spells: NA
Spellcasting: NA
Knockdown: 30

Physical Def: 6
Spell Def: 10
Social Def: 8
Armor: 16
Mystic Armor: 8
Uncon. Rate: 108
Death Rate: 120
Wound Thresh: 30

Combat Move: 40
Full Move: 80

Gorgurths are mammoth creatures. They stand up to 20 feet tall. They look very similar to an elephant. They are ussually tan in colour but can range from brown to black. They have gigantic 8 feet long tusks that can be used to attack. They also have a pair of smaller 3 foot tusks on the end of their trunk that don't do as much damage but are more accurate. These beasts have a similar skull plate as the tricaratops has. They are also fast for their cubersome size. This is because they have six long legs, three on each size. Gorgurths also have 8 foot long tails with a big club on the end of it. use the step 8 attack for the large tusks and tail attack and the step 22 for the large tusks damage. Use the step 14 for the trunk tusks attack and the 17 for the trunk tusk and tail attack's damage step. Gorgurths are almost completely blind. Their eyes are covered by a thin lair of skin to protect them from sand and dust. They use their smell and hearing for everything. It is almost impossible to sneak up behind a Gorgurth. Two antene type structures protrude from its rump. This acts like sensors. If someone tries to sneak up upon a Gorgurth, roll step 8 against a target number determined by the GM.
Gorgurths live in the hot plains and deserts. They travel in small paks of 4 to 8. Many Gorgurths have been trained to carry passangers and pull cargo. Their emmence strength make them suitable for long trips with heavy cargo.
Gorgurths feed off of plants and, if plants a scarce, and they are capable of catching rodents, they will eat them to surrvive.