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"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.

Submitted by Mike Lenzen


During my travels through Barsaive, under the employment of the Order of the White Rhino, I have encountered many things. This report contains what scarce knowledge I could find on a plant known as the Quixotic~Featherseed. All information contained within this document has been imparted to me by an ancient elf scholar whom I encountered during patrol duty to the west and north of Throal. I would advise that this information be passed on to any members of the White Rhino, as well as a anyone who wishes to look into the phenomenon any further.

Ishmale Shiverlot member of the Order of the White Rhino, west Throal Division

Quixotic~featherseed is a rare fern type plant which thus far has only been found growing in solidarity. It is much smaller than an average regular green fern, and has a white pigment. The end effect produces a small plant which closely resembles a feather standing straight up from the ground. As has been observed by the elf mentioned above, Quixotic~featherseed only is produced on very rare occasions of what seem to be isolated spontaneous magical events. This includes the death of a great hero in a valiant battle, a spectacular display of spell casting, or a land ravaged and destroyed by the magical energies of horrors. So far, it has been noted that only one such plant seems to spring forth from such an event, as a marker perhaps. It generally grows in three to four months after one of these events, and will continue to grow until picked or otherwise removed from its place of origin. The most interesting part about this plant however is quite likely its seeming ability to produce magical effects. Many of these properties have been cataloged and I have placed all known uses, at the writing of this article, below. It is important to note that this plant appears to feed and live off of magic. All attempts to transplant, replant, or reproduce this plant have thus far failed.

Magical Properties:
The most important magical property to note, is that these plants tend to take on either a positive or negative effect. My elven friend has a theory that these properties are directly related to the incident which caused it's creation. For example, if a great hero fell in combat, the effects are generally of a good nature, the magical properties having been taken on from the hero. If however an act of great evil is done, the plant should take on negative qualities, reflective of the evil energies involved.
There are several effects the plant can have on a name giver of Barsaive. The exact outcome depending on the positive, or negative energies of the plant as well as how it was used.

Burning of the Quixotic~featherseed, produces an aroma which takes an effect on those smelling it's willpower. If a positive plant is used, one can expect to be able to force them selves to do what they will. Such effects include traveling without need for sleep, and increased power of spells if you are a spell caster. Negative effects, if such a plant is used, have caused people to break down and cry, cave in to every suggestion given to them, or in extreme cases suicide is attempted.

Ingestion, Direct ingestion of this plant seems to affect the stamina of your body. If a positive plant is used, the effect can mean faster healing, the ability to go without food, and a greater amount of punishment can be absorbed. No negative plant has ever been tried in this manor, but it is assumed that it would be poisonous, or physically weakening.

A concoction may be made from this plant by boiling it in water and allowing it to thicken. If drank, one generally experiences difference in their coordination, and balance. If positive Quixotic~featherseed is found, once can generally move faster, dodge quicker, and has greater control over their body. If a negative plant is used, the opposite occurs, making the user slower, and clumsier.

A concoction of this plant may be formed into an ointment by mixing it with lard, and wax. After cooling the material will form a creamy clear jelly which is then applied to the body near the face and chest. The effects tend to be directed to ones self composure, and outward appearance. If a positive plant is used, one can expect to have members of the opposite sex attracted to them, and to have more confidence in ones self. If a negative plant is used, one may become more repulsive, and less secure in their social morals.

Additionally, nothing can be done to the plant. Those who carry the plant claim to have a change of luck, and perceptions. Wearing a positive plant, can increase ones vision or hearing, it has also been noticed that better luck comes to those who caries such a plant. A negative plant makes the user oblivious to things around them. They also tend to have worse luck.

GM's Note:
The Quixotic~featherseed has the following effects for one turn. Depending on how the plant is used, it may either increase, or decrease a character's physical, social, or spell defenses for one day. It may also provide a one time bonus, or penalty of one step to a roll in of an appropriate action. For example, if it is worn it may increase the character's spell defense by 1 for a day and provide a character with a one time bonus to a perception roll. The effects from the Quixotic~featherseed may only be used once per plant. If the creation of the plant is researched, and important parts of the particular plants history are found, it is permissible to allow a character to thread a weave to the plant. This has the effect of making one of the plant's properties permanent or perhaps releasing a new one.